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Winning design #43 by Victoireking, Logo Design for Ecolink  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Victoireking

Project description

Looking to have 3 trees that represent Love, Hope and Peace

Love is easy cause it could be a tree with leaves and branches shaped into a heart. The tree for peace would be brnaches/leaves a peace sign with butterflies all around it and flying in like most are landed forming peace and others landing. Not sure what tree would be for hope but maybe the leaves are hands offering to help. but need a symbol for hope represented in the tree. Also integrate the Roman numeral 50 which is an L

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  • I chose you before. Did it again just now. This site is awful! #43
    • @Mikelambeco I'll contact the admin to help you with this.

    • @Mikelambeco This is Admin Sharie Choosing a winner You will need to be logged in and on your contest page with the entries. You will see the trophy icon on your right (next to the sort by options, under the "blue" upgrade contest button) 1. When you click on the trophy icon you will see medal outlines on all of the entries. if you see only rated..look to your viewing left and uncheck rated only box, all entries will now show 2. Click on the entry you want for gold, then silver and then bronze (silver and bronze do not receive money but they do get extra designer points and they work hard for the 2nd and 3rd place medals) All 3 medals would need to be different designers 3. After you have your medal winners the contest then goes into finalization. You will see a green download source file button and grey request changes button. These buttons will take you to the private finalization where you have 7 more days to work with your winner on minor changes you may need or want The articles can help guide you in the finalization Please let us know if you need help choosing your winners or need help in finalization Thank you

    • @Mikelambeco Hi, please check the step by step on how to choose the winner, feel free to let me know if you need anything else, or you can contact the designcontest admin in here , thank you.

  • I like this one.
    Can I get a high resolution version? Can you text 7604435405. I hate this site. It rates as I scroll and more issues.
    • @Mikelambeco Hi there, your contest time is already expired, so I can't send any design anymore, I can send the high resolution version and all the source files to you only in finalization step if you choose me as the winner, thank you. best regards, victoireking.

  • Hope Love and Peace #77
  • Hope Love and Peace #76
  • do you like my design? #68
  • If you want changes for this design please let me know and I will upload it asap, thank you. #64
  • love tree , if you like the style then i will design the other trees #49
  • love tree , if you like the styl then i will design the other trees #48
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I changed hands, hope you enjoy. If you need other changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.
  • About #34, @Kristina2912
    Can you make hands look less like claws? Maybe round finger tips
  • hi,

    Please review the revision of my designs and send me your feedback for changes.
    Hopefully you enjoy these entry.
  • New Version. #28
  • hi,

    Please review the revision of my designs and send me your feedback for changes.
    Hopefully you enjoy these entry.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I made the change, I hope you enjoy it. If you need other changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.
  • Dear CH Mikelambeco,

    Good day !

    My I present to you my designs based on the brief.
    Please provide some feedback .

    Thanks and more power.... #4
    • @mariogumapac_mg I like your input here but they need to be identifiable without the words. Love should be fully heart shaped leaves with maybe the branches being the 'L', Peach is mayne the peace sign with butterflies landing and im not sure for hope but the 'H' should be the branches

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I changed the design of the symbol of hope and made color variations and in other design replaced the leaves on the heart, hope you enjoy. If you need other changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.
    • @Kristina2912 I left you previous feed back. Maybe the 'H' in hope 'P' in peace and 'L' in love should be the branches in the tree? I prefer no words and graphics only

  • Dear Mikelambeco,
    I made a version of your logo. I created one integrated, minimal vector graphic logo, where you can use the 3 symbols in separated too. This logo is perfectly working on every surface and on every background. Please could you give some feedback about it? Thank you.
    Have a nice day. #5
    • @SylviaF I love it! Im not sure Hope is accurately represented. I am making a 14 foot high peace sign with 700 butterflies landing on the peace sign so them landing all around, butterflies are my Peace. The heart tree is a general theme im using and fine but hope im not sure what to use but love your intergrated.

  • Hi

    Please lit me know your feedback.

    I am ready for revision .


    • @mariogumapac_mg I like them but hope doesn't seem to reprint hope. Not sure how to do that in a graphic only. My intention is NOT to use the word hope but only have illustration. Like the tree with leaves shaped as a heart makes sense. Not sure about hope

  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #16
    • @Victoireking Very Cool! Im thinking Hope needs a better illustration or idea? But like your others.

  • About #9, @Kristina2912
    I really think I connect best with your design thus far. Hearts RED, Butterflies fluorescent Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow and blue cause it ties into my project. Hope, I like the hands but let me think. I like 2/3!