I am very happy with our logo designed by Mustafa. He impassions the forward movement of into the future with a winged man that is reminiscent of the 1930s Art Deco era. This represents the strength and agility of our economic psychology company to forecast psychological weather... like the timing of our winged man, or Ploutos, across the morning crescent of a new moon or solar eclipse.

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designed by intechnology

Project description

ECONOPSYCH provides economic psychology services, including the forecast of psychological weather and economic trends to corporate clients. Desired Theme for Logo: Art Deco. Mid-Century Modern. Bold. Timeless. Our logo needs to be strong and represent strength in the face of adverse conditions. It is about journey to new worlds. The logo may include a winged man holding a mariner's telescope looking to the right (future). There needs to be a retro-themed sense of science, measurement, time, and water. We prefer the look of stock certificates from the 1920s/30s, including the iconography of Greek Gods used by railroad and mining companies prior to the Great Depression. For example, winged male adult Ploutos (not Pluto/Pluoton) depicted with a flowering/budded staff in right hand (because lame and takes time arriving) and barley in his left hand (abundance, wealth, and link to mother Demeter). The logo does not need to be ornate and overly complicated, but please touch on the themes listed and refer to our PDF file of Art Deco images for inspiration. The US is our primary market. Thank you.

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  • Hello Cordelle, check my #3 entry i try'ed to do simple two colors logo shows the people strenght and it's simple to use in any form. Thanks, Regards, J.E.
    • Hi J.E., Thanks for your entry. Unfortunately, the logo sample is too heavy. The men appear to represent burden instead of freedom and foresight. The figures are too "Atlas Shrugged" and the font is too high school sports team. Our brand is inspirational and aspirational. Thx.

  • Hi pluk99, Thank you for your quick response to my request for a logo within 7 hours of posting! I prefer #2 to #1. I like the strong imagery, the inclusion of color and b&w options, and the use of negative space. I will rate the entries once I have more logos to compare. :-)
  • Hi pluk99, Thanks for your entry of #15 with revisions from #14. I like the angle of the wings! And, I like that the left foot now looks like he is pushing off the circle in a leap of faith. I also like the thinner circle because it reminds me of the ring of fire of a solar eclipse. Suggested Revisions: Please make the top feather of the wing solid like #2. In addition, make the man solid instead of outline (with, of course, space between the legs like #2 and #14). Enlarge the designmark by 20 to 30%. These revisions will make this logo a frontrunner! Thanks!
  • Hi pluk99, I am now leaning toward your #14 vs. #2. Potential Revisions: Could you please make the winged man more proportional (esp. head), athletic/muscular (nude silhouette), and more refined (especially calf muscle of left leg). In addition, could you make the wings more dynamic/alive, perhaps with a slight upward incline so it looks like he is stretching vs. straining forward... yet, still Art Deco. THANKS!
  • Hi blumoon, Thanks for your entry. However, your entry is too close in concept to entry #1 which only rates 10% of what I am looking for in this contest. In addition, your entry is too cartoonish. Please submit original content.
  • Hi pluk99, Thanks for your 3rd entry :-) I prefer #2 to #9 because #9 is too rocketman and utopian. If you want to try again, maybe use 1 male figure from #2. He needs to be moving to the right (the future). Maybe, have the top bar above the wordmark as water waves up to the left foot and then barley heads for the remainder of the bar. You could also try a golden circle or spherical astrolabe around the winged male.
    • thanks for positive feedback,my new proposal please see #12

    • |--|

      pluk99 {*wrote*}:
      thanks for positive feedback,my new proposal please see #12
      |--| Hi pluk99, maybe simpler is better. For #12: Keep the winged man inside the one golden circle, enlarge, and delete the extra ornamentation. Thx!

  • Hi Sir Cordelle, please check my uploaded entries #10 & #11 for your feedback, thanks -johnace:)
    • Hi johnace, Thanks for your two entries. Thanks also for using a telescope. We need to be careful to make sure the telescopes in #10 and #11 are not confused with trumpets so please raise to eye level. We also need to be careful that the logo is not religious. Therefore, the wings need to be more Art Deco stylized (horizontal and not at an incline). The font needs to be more refined. No stars. No double lines. Please try again, perhaps with 1 or both men above the wordmark so that the designmark can be used separate from the wordmark.

  • Hi krisdesign, Thanks for your entry. However, the logo you have proposed is too cartoon. Please read my brief as this logo is way off the mark.
  • Thank you krisdesign for the 4 variations based on #5. However, we are looking for Greek myth (not mysticism) and male (not female) imagery typical of the Art Deco period of 1920s and 30s. The font does not speak to luxury.
  • Hi johnace, Thank you for your new entry #18. Unfortunately, it feels more like a logo for a record label than for an economic psychology and financial information services company. In addition, the winged man appears to be looking skyward (religious) instead of forward (psychological forecasting). Please try again, and feel free to enter something different to challenge the top runners. A winged man is not set in stone.
  • Hi savevski, Thanks for your entry #19 as a revision of #16. I like the font you've used for the wordmark, as well as how you centered the "O" of the designmark over the "O" in the wordmark. Unfortunately, the winged man is beginning to look too religious and too feminine. The wings need to be more masculine and more Art Deco.
  • Hi pluk99, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Thanks for your entry #17 with revisions for #15. Potential Revisions: (1) no telescope, (2) I like the wings better from your #15 with the distinct angle, (3) Please make the solid color thinner between each wing, (4) Make the top wing solid like your #2, (5) delete the inner and outer border/shading of the circle so it is slightly thinner, (6) increase the thickness of the right thigh slightly because it looks out of proportion to the knee, (7) delete the bump on the left calf, and (8) angle a thinner left foot down onto the circle, including toes touching the circle (not lifting off). Thanks for all your entries. I appreciate your hard work.
    • thanks for positive feedback,update for design please see #20

  • Hi savevski, Thanks for your entry #16. Currently, you are in the lead. Potential Revisions: (1) Please lengthen the torso as it appears diminutive compared to the legs. (2) The head also needs to be slightly larger in order for the winged man to appear proportional. (3) The wings need to be firmly and strongly attached to the man. At present, the wings look weak in their attachment. Thanks!
  • Hi pluk99, Thank you for your entry #20 with revisions to #17. You are now the frontrunner! Thanks for your efforts. I request 2 revisions: (1) Please enlarge the head of the winged man and shift it back on a smaller neck so that it does not look strained. Currently, it feels like he could have a sore neck. (2) The right leg and bent knee do not appear proportional. Please thicken the right thigh and modify it so that it connects to his glutes. For help with body proportion and musculature, please look up images for French Art Deco Male Runner Sculpture.
    • thanks for feedback,this my revision please see #21

  • Hi Gince, Thanks for your entry #28. Unfortunately, this is NOT what we are looking for in a logo. Your entry represents militarism... definitely not what we want to be associated with as a company.
  • Hi Gince, Thanks for your entry #29. Unfortunately, this is NOT what we are looking for in a logo. Your entry represents intrusion and surveillance. It looks cartoon-like and reminds me of Mad Magazine's spy vs. spy comic strip.
  • Hi mustafa5252, Thanks for your entry #23. I like the use of sun and new moon. Potential Revisions: (1) head needs to be solid (otherwise it looks like a brain stem), (2) wider line for outline of back side of winged man, (3) wings more Art Deco like #14, (4) center "O" above "O" in ECONOPSYCH like #16, and change kerning so whole logo is centered. Please submit revisions in a layout like #19 or #20 so that I am better able to compare your entry. Thanks!
  • Hi xckel, Thanks for your entry #26. Your proposal is interesting and distinct. Suggested Revisions: (1) solid black background, (2) different font, (3) solid line under wordmark, (4) winged man needs to be looking to the right (the future), (5) maybe, use barley on bottom half of golden circle instead of on staff, (6) wider staff, and (7) draw man and wings with less lines so not as busy. Thanks!
  • Hi eRic, Thanks for your entry #27. I like the font. But, everything else needs to be changed, including colors. One of my reviewers commented that it looks like the 1980s version of Art Deco... so, not representative of luxury. Please try again.
  • Hi savevski, Thanks for your new entry #25 with revisions to #16 and #19. Unfortunately, this is a step backward. I prefer the thicker line above the font and the thinner line below. I do not like the inclusion of the right arm or body markings. The skull looks deformed. The left arm looks like it has been injected with steroids. The wings are not Art Deco. The designmark feels disjointed. And, I prefer the color black and not chocolate brown for your suggested logo theme. Please try again. Thanks.