I am very happy with our logo designed by Mustafa. He impassions the forward movement of into the future with a winged man that is reminiscent of the 1930s Art Deco era. This represents the strength and agility of our economic psychology company to forecast psychological weather... like the timing of our winged man, or Ploutos, across the morning crescent of a new moon or solar eclipse.

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designed by intechnology

Project description

ECONOPSYCH provides economic psychology services, including the forecast of psychological weather and economic trends to corporate clients. Desired Theme for Logo: Art Deco. Mid-Century Modern. Bold. Timeless. Our logo needs to be strong and represent strength in the face of adverse conditions. It is about journey to new worlds. The logo may include a winged man holding a mariner's telescope looking to the right (future). There needs to be a retro-themed sense of science, measurement, time, and water. We prefer the look of stock certificates from the 1920s/30s, including the iconography of Greek Gods used by railroad and mining companies prior to the Great Depression. For example, winged male adult Ploutos (not Pluto/Pluoton) depicted with a flowering/budded staff in right hand (because lame and takes time arriving) and barley in his left hand (abundance, wealth, and link to mother Demeter). The logo does not need to be ornate and overly complicated, but please touch on the themes listed and refer to our PDF file of Art Deco images for inspiration. The US is our primary market. Thank you.

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