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Project description

"edamza" it's web service to order food from restaurants or from grocery stores. "seamless.com" and "foodler.com" probably closest to my service. What I would like to see in logo: - title "edamza" (wordmark) - some icon near this title - strict font - some merge of "wordmark" and "pictoral mark" in my mind What I would NOT like to see in logo: - "emblem" style - calligraphic fonts - "blue" colors Keep in mind that all ideas described above it's just my vision of logo (I'm not designer).

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  • I like orange color. But "e" letter in the beginning looks like "e" from internet explorer.
    • thanks for the rating and feedback... please have a look at #12... and do you mind using 'E' instead of 'e'...? thanks

    • I think using "e" better than "E". But I like previous font type. Your new one in #12 looks too funny. Also I see in new logo more "damza" instead of "edamza". "e" almost unreadable right now.

    • how about #14... is that close enough... thanks in advance :)

    • Looks good. How to increase idea that "e" is like bitten cookie?

    • is #18 what you wanted...? please review it and suggest the changes you need. thanks

    • I think that changing color of "e" is good idea. But adding chips in cookie is not. Maybe make "e" more red

    • #20 comes without the chips in the cookie and with a gradient finish like #14... awaiting feedbacks thanks in advance

    • No something wrong. #14 is better than last two. Try make something else with "e".

    • how does #22 feel...? or do I need to continue in the previous direction...? please let me know thanks for your feedbacks and ratings...will be working on more designs for you

    • Yes lets stop working in the previous direction. Your new idea is interesting. But no relationship with food. I want see something that will give to clients some associations with food.

    • please have a look at #23... I have added fork,knife and a spoon to give it a relation to food... and which colour do you wish to see in the logo... thanks

    • I like shades of orange color. I like your color. I dont loke cloud on backend. Also you new logo have to many details. It will be unreadable in small size.

    • maybe this one #24... what do you think... thanks again

    • Looks good. Maybe you can try make cloud looks like bread. And add some margin between text and border of cloud (bread).

    • I will be working on a logo as per your suggestions... will see you shortly... thanks

    • #29 makes use of various food items depicted in the logo... awaiting feedback on this... thanks

    • please see #56,#57 and #58... #57 and #58 are the same logos...#58 shows how it will be seen on an ad or something like that... awaiting feedbacks... thanks

    • #56 looks funny :) #57 don't like it.

  • Looks good. As I understand icon is letter "e". Am I right?
    • Yes, you are right! Icon represent letter "e" as well fruit icon (apple, strawberry..can be both) and spoon on the edge represent food. As I look again in my design I notice that icon "e" can be bolder. Do you have some suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi again - there is 'bolder' version #35 for your consideration. bets regards

    • Yes I think bolder looks better. In case you have any more ideas I will be glad to see them.

    • Thanks! I will work on new propositions. best regards

    • I started this design before and now I have finish it. Please check #38 and let me know what you think. Best regards

  • Cook looks slovenly.
    • thank you to allow me entering in your contest and thank you too to your feedback;but i had three possibility of posting design;all three possibility are finished.

  • I like idea in your logo.
    • GJR

      Thank You. I will try some different colors and fonts.

  • First what came to my mind is association with brand samsung.
  • One point here. Hamburgers is not popular food on russian market. In your icons just slices of bread have relationship with real market.
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #30 - I hope you will like it. Best regards,
  • Idea with fork looks interesting. But I dont like font and shades of blue in logo.
  • Please give me feedback on #17, I can always change font and color, thanks
  • Like you font. But icon have no relationship with food.
  • your entry is a copy of a design found here http://www.logolabs.com/industry-logo/food-beverages-logo-design.aspx http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/edamza/entry/5
  • I like idea but don't like font
    • Also could you please try put cook to left side.

    • hello;which font are you Like?then i would like to improve my design.

    • I like font from #14. And maybe your color of cook is too dark.

    • i am going to change all Logo and text font in orange;is it best idea?

    • I don't know. Lets look!

  • Hi there shestkoff I wanted to let you know that new designers or lower level designers have entry limits, every time you rate a design 30 points or more the designer will receive another upload. Rating 30 points doesn't mean you like the design it simply means you would like to see more work or a revised version This article will help guide you https://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Payouts/Knowledgebase/Article/View/57/23/how-do-i-give-feedback-and-rate-my-designers-entries
  • I was able to switch the dish to the left and changed the font and color on #13, I also made another idea on #11
    • #11 looks for me too simple. About switch dish. I mean put small dish to left side (in the begining) like on #3.

  • The first rule for a logo is to work in black & white, I can always change colors. Do you like the ideas for #8 & #9?
    • |--|

      saraelisa93 {*wrote*}:
      The first rule for a logo is to work in black & white, I can always change colors. Do you like the ideas for #8 & #9?
      |--| I like both ideas. But I already seen somewhere idea #9.

    • One more point here. I dont like your font.

    • Could you please try put dish to left side.

    • yes I can, but I already posted the 3 designs I'm allowed to.

  • I dont like icon and font. I like font from #1 and #5
  • Too simple
  • I dont see any relationship with food.
  • Look on my updated brief to wont section. I dont like blue colors
  • Look on my updated brief. I added to wont like section - "blue" colors