Edge Activewear

This design contest was an excellent experience. The process was efficient, the website worked seamlessly, and we received a super range of logo submissions. It was actually really hard to choose a winner! I doubt there is a better way to get the job done.

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Winning design #317 by punkscratch13, Logo Design for Edge Activewear Contest
Gold Medal

designed by punkscratch13

Project description

Edge produces a range of activewear products - socks, leggings, undershorts, halter tops, etc - that incorporate threads made from pure silicon.
Edge garments remain comfortably in position on the body - without "digging in" or feeling tight.  The silicon threads in Edge garments have a more gentle elasticity than traditional spandex yarns and they grip the body using friction rather than tightness.
Edge socks don't fall down.  Edge leggings stay up without feeling tight around the waist. Etc.
Our taglines include -
Eliminate Distractions Go Elite
Excite Desire Get Edgy
Exclude Defeat Go Extreme

Edge products are made for both men and women. For customers who wish to look stylish while avoiding the irritation caused by the slippage and sloppiness of traditional clothing.
Edge is for customers who want to get on with life, to achieve their goals, to enjoy the big picture - without losing time adjusting their clothes.  Edge is for customers who literally "want an edge" in life. 

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  • simple logo. please give a feedback and comments sir. thanks #596
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  • CH, i am submitting my other design for your logo. It could mean number one. #563
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  • About #550, @jahmhv

    While some of the extra ideas are a bit sketchy, feel free to consider them as other options. These are here just to get the creative juices flowing.
  • About #542, @jahmhv

    This makes a really good, solid emblem to represent your products. Combined with wording, this would work quite well to demonstrate the minimal modern feel, while looking both sporty and luxurious at the same time. Feel free to suggest any modifications to suit your needs. Enjoy!
  • Other concept ideas #550
  • If Have you changes in this logo know me, please. Thanks #549
  • If Have you changes in this logo know me, please. Thanks #548
  • If Have you changes in this logo know me, please. Thanks #547
  • If Have you changes in this logo know me, please. Thanks #546
  • Logo Features the initials of Edge Activewear (EA) in a hexagonal shape. Icon only.

    t-shirt mockup from http://graphicburger.com/mock-ups/ #542
  • great #534
  • something different...may be you like it...feedback please #527
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  • Balance and edgy concepts, represents active and harmonious. #518
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