Edgy Food company needs logo that your friends will love

Thank you. Great format. Feedback wise: the process for communications post selecting a winner should be improved as any design changes may be want to be kept confidential. Is there a way to connect with design winner without having the world privvy to your conversation? Cheers

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Winning design #551 by futurama, Logo Design for Edgy Food company needs logo that your friends will love Contest
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designed by futurama

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EDITED UPDATE: Hey everyone, thank you for your efforts thus far. The "LOVE FOOD" is negatively affecting the outcome of what we're after so we've tried to simplify as much as we can to refocus the final objective. Please change to "LOVE INC" with the focus on your interpretation of the heart and love. We are looking for a heart that is stylish and unique. Leave out knives, forks, plates, spoons, chefs hats. Thanks.

BRIEF: Hey everyone! we've set up a new company in the food business and looking for a logo that's eye-catching, simple, 2 colours, edgy yet elegant, warm and must match well with font. No shading. The name of the movement is 'Love INC'. Create a logo that your friends will say WOW!!

Please ensure that the heart is prominent in your design and that the 2 words "LOVEINC" are together in different colours and same font. The words can be next to each other or on top and people should be able to read LOVEINC as 2 separate words. Google "best packaging of the world" for inspiration.

All the best

This design will be viewed on a variety of surfaces that people will touch and feel: jars, containers, paperbags, business cards, web

Colours red and one other

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  • About #57 , #62 and #65 Version numbers 01, 02 and 03 Version 01 #57 Food googling at love more of a type design, a little black added for punch Version 02 and 03 #62 and #65 , single color only red with white background Hearts in a heart.. 02 is just plain 03 has utensils hugging / wrapping around the heart and the spoon is serving it all. Any questions or concerns pls lmk. Thanks
  • hi CH, here's my first design submission. i used spoon and fork to build the heart and i also used 2 colors as you requested. i think red and purple wud be a nice combination and it worked. please leave your comment regarding design #64 so i can adjust what would be the necessary changes. thanks, marlonaire note: to my co-designers, please stop copying designs. be fair. goodluck to all of us.
  • Hello, I would defend my idea and logo design company created solely for the love Food. 1 - The Design: Symmetrically designed with a bold font, dynamic to suit many different shapes and pleasing to the eye of the child to the elderly. The icon makes direct reference to the act of eating well, with pleasure and the certainty of the quality of food being eaten. Summary of the icon:'' Who do, love what you do!''. 2 - The Color: We used two shades of red to express passion and desire (desire to eat), reinforce the act of courage is always perfect at it. 3 - The Idea: Calling attention before other logos and boldness of colors, desiner and originality. Thank you for listening and I hope customer feedback.
  • Olá, gostaria de defender minha idéia e design do logotipo criado exclusivamente para empresa love Food. 1- O Design: Desenhado de forma simétrica com uma fonte ousada, dinâmica que se adequa a diversos formatos e agrada aos olhos da criança ao idoso. O ícone faz referência direta ao ato de se alimentar bem, com prazer e na certeza da qualidade do alimento a ser degustado. Resumo do ícone: ''Quem faz, ama o que faz!''. 2- A Cor: Foram usados dois tons de vermelho para expressar paixão e desejo (vontade de comer), reforçar a ousadia no ato de aperfeiçoar-se sempre no que faz. 3- A Idéia: Chamar a atenção diante de outras logos, pela ousadia das cores, do desiner e originalidade. Agradeço a atenção e espero comentários do cliente.
  • Hey CH this is my design Let me know if this is close to what you are looking for Thanks ~StudentDesigns
  • dear CH, these are my designs (also #37 & #58). please tell me, if one of them is going in the right direction. greets
  • About #53 Hello, tell me your oppinion about my logo. I will also do 2-3 variations with some other frames....
  • backgrounds are now allowed
  • backgrounds are now allowed
  • backgrounds are now allowed
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/edgy-food-company-needs-logo-that-your-friends-will-love/designer/cyanmatt
  • Elements of the design are too similar. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/edgy-food-company-needs-logo-that-your-friends-will-love/designer/cyanmatt
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/edgy-food-company-needs-logo-that-your-friends-will-love/designer/cyanmatt
  • Hope you like the idea with 3 heart and food in it
  • You wanna some edgy food design, you get on. ... worked in a structure to give it a bit more edgy style. Think this could work for your intention. Second colour is black, but it looks great just in your red. Greez cyanmatt
  • If you could chose some food you wanna place on the logo, which could that be, or which one would you like. Couldn't read anything about the food you wanna sell...that makes it a bit difficult to work like a pro. greez cyanmatt
  • Sorry, I added an S to the food part -- I'll fix that if you like the design.
  • OMG I have never seen a project where there is so little good design being chosen by the client. The best designs have been eliminated!
  • Helo CH, my design #263 tried to keep the elements you like ..hope u like it.. please do let me know your feedback.any corrections, suggestions, additions are always welcome I will work on it thank you
  • Dear CH, I have a new revision about #230, please allow me to send more. (I've reached the limit). Thank You