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This was an exciting and amazing experience to have so many creative people submitting great designs. The only hard part was choosing the winner because there were so many good designs. I kind of would have preferred 2nd and 3rds get some of the prize money. Seems a bit unfair that way but I truly recommend it if you are in need of a design. Far easier than searching for a designer or whatever then sitting down with them. This dispenses of hard feelings if the designs are not quite what you liked face to face. It started slowly but then picked up later. I had over 200 by the time it was done and seriously 5 very good ones by the end.

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Winning design #192 by BEAUTIFUL_GARDEN, Logo Design for Edison International School  Contest
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Project description

In our school description I want to emphasize "best materials and best methods" so I want the look to be exclusive.  Our school is the oldest in the city and has a great reputation so I want it to have history.  Was thinking perhaps a very nice insignia and/or coat of arms.  Im the owner and my name is Turnbull so even making a coat of arms with a scottish St.Andrews cross at the bottom and the initials E.I.S on a scroll at the bottom perhaps or incorporated somewhere slightly visible. 

As well if it were possible , I might ask the winner to animate the logo.  example.  I am changing our name but we used to have the word "Montessori" in the name but I am taking that out.  I had an old animation that I never incorporated that had a small red/blue house and a sun above it.  The sun simply rose behind the house as the website came in.  So something that could animate like a shield turning around.  Even a shield/coat of arms in 3d.  The text having fullness but a legible aged look as if the script on a monastery perhaps. 

Finally,  our school is a kindergarten.  It shouldnt be cutesy though .  More like a private, expensive school with the best of everything.  My website of course is the most important part but the logo will be used on everything such as uniforms etc. 

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  • About #185, @restucandra88 Hi, This is very nice. Could you perhaps lighten the burgundy a little. It looks like brown. Perhaps 1 shade lighter and the yellow is good with this one. Did you use a different shade of yellow on this one? Seems darker than other one. I prefer it like this.
    • @adamcturnbull Hi, I've send the new design and yes, I use a different kind of yellow in this one. Thanks.

  • your feedback is very important for me sir #193
  • About #172, @BEAUTIFUL_GARDEN Hi, I opened it for another week. Burgundy or a darker red . As well a forest green for a separate one. Just for the shield color.
  • i change icon head bull sir #166
  • About #174, @restucandra88 Can you make the two colors you have now red/blue and make it burgundy red/yellow and send me 2 with opposing colors on it like red at the top and bottom then side left right. Thanks
    • @adamcturnbull the contest is expired, I can't send a new design anymore. may you open the contest for one more day? Thanks.

  • About #172, @BEAUTIFUL_GARDEN Could you change the aquamarine color to a burgundy red ? Can you also put a Canadian flag so the flag is vertical right to the right on the school name ? spanning both the N and the L. Thanks. I am only thinking of your entry and one other. its very hard.
    • @adamcturnbull i have made your suggestions, but i cant submit the refined designs. as the time is up. can you please reopened the contest just one more day? thanks

  • About #174, @restucandra88 Also, the flag is better as with a stronger wind.

  • Anything like this you want, I've replaced the bulls become bigger, thanks #168
  • About #38, @restucandra88 Is it possible you could put a small flag on a pole on the top coming from the blue. The flag will be Canadian and be in the wind not straight.
    • @adamcturnbull yes it's possible. I'll send the new design soon.

    • @adamcturnbull yes it's possible. I'll send the new design soon.

    • @adamcturnbull yes it's possible. I'll send the new design soon.

  • delete banner, delete the sun, edison top, "IS bottom. change profile for the bull. i'm ready to your feedback sir. #166
  • About #38, @restucandra88 Is it possible you could put a small flag on a pole on the top coming from the blue. The flag will be Canadian and be in the wind not straight.
  • About #27, @BEAUTIFUL_GARDEN Could you change the sun into an open book. It looks similiar now then somehow make the end of the laurel leafs iinto hands as if holding a book open ? As well, take out the banner at the bottom and put EDISON with international School under it. Same with. Try that thanks
  • About #164, @anungnugroho2017 The banner at the bottom makes it a little unclear. Could you put the name in a nice font with Edison on top then International School smaller fitting underneath Edison. Same width. Can you find a side profile for the bull ? Make a World on the bottom right but no sun.
  • i'm ready to your feedback sir #164
  • Hello Adam,
    We are potentially interested on working on your project however the time frame left for submission is holding us back. Would you be extending the submission time?
    Aaron Dores.
  • Dear Sir,
    Please have a look at the logo I have done for your project.
    Hope you'll like it.
    Feel free to let me know if you need any changes with it, I will be glad to help.
    Nitesh #163
  • Another version of my entry. #162
  • and For this design, what should i change sir? #149

  • For this design, what should i change sir? #150
  • About #135, @wagiman bulls must be a side profile.