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Winning design #68 by Babba, Logo Design for EdQu Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Babba

Project description

New logo for up-and-coming edtech company


We're a Swedish education technology startup looking for a new logo. If you check out our website http://www.edqu.se (unfortunately only available in Swedish, but there's always Google Translate) you can get a slight taste of our current visual profile. Rather clean and minimal is what we are going for. As you can see on the website, our current logo is only the company name in "Lato" font with some coloring applied to it. 

The company's main product is a testing and assessment tool for primary and secondary schools that helps teachers in their assessment efforts and increases transparency regarding education quality.

We would mainly like to be associated with concepts such as knowledge, learning, and growth (as in knowledge growth).

Regarding colors for the logo, we are currently using the colors specified below in our product and would like to keep some combination of green and purple. However, the exact colors do not have to be the ones specified here, and green and purple are not the only colors we can accept. The logo should also have black-and-white as well as inverted varieties.

The logo will be used in a large amount of settings, and should work in print as well as online. 

This is your chance to design a brand that will soon be everywhere in the world of education! :)

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  • The tree itself is very nice, but could it be made a bit less generic, maybe through some additional knowledge link? #111
    • Sir , i have designed some new concept but project got expired.

  • Edqu Logo New Proposal #219
  • Proposed new logo for EDQU #202
  • goh
    #174, variation on the "Q" text
  • goh
    Thanks a lot for the feedback :)
    Here is the revised version: #173
  • Nice, even though it still feels a bit more like a logo for a book than a logo for an online service... #134
    • About #134, @johan_sanderoth
      Do you have what that wishes concerning a logotype?

  • Sorry, this just feels like a mind falling apart. #137
  • It still feels like this owl isn't interacting with the viewer in any way. #138
  • rather nice, but the owl looks a bit scared. #142
  • this feels a bit confusing and not too closely related to knowledge... #146
  • this feels a bit confusing and not too closely related to knowledge... #147
  • Nice, but a bit too close to the Apple logo... #148
  • The book should be taken out here, the tree was better without it. #145
  • This is nice, could you perhaps try removing the question mark in a way so that it becomes more of an abstract owl? Thanks! #144
  • See comment on # 144 for an updated version. #149
  • I don't see the education component in this image. #150
  • A bit too confusing, too many symbols in one. #152
  • This feels quite confusing. I would cut down on the number of symbols used in the image. #152
  • Nice, but a bit too generic for us. #153
  • Interesting combination. I Would stick to one font, and go for an "e" that is a little less internet explorer #154