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Winning design #71 by Squewheet, Logo Design for Eiland Pools Contest
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designed by Squewheet

Project description

I build in ground pools and im trying to change my image to more of the upper end sales. My last name is Eiland but it is pronounced as Island so if we could suggest that in the logo would be nice. I will need to be able to use logo in vertical and horizontal formats. I have a retail store now and current logo is not workable for signage and has hurt me on shirts.

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  • Dear CH, I have submitted #10.......... Thank you, DM
  • Dear CH, Please let me know what you think about #1 Thanks :)
  • About #19: I made some color changes to the design. I just made the font different colors and then added a glossy look to it and then I added a subtle drop shadow to the font. Then added a .com and the end of the name. I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed then just let me know. About #20: After I uploaded the other one I thought of a different thing to try. So I took off the reflection and the .com on the end of pools and then I just added the website url on the bottom. I made the url wider so that it fit the whole length of the design. I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hello joey1, Thanks for the ratings on my design I have created for you. I have a idea that I will try on the font. But if you think of anything that you would like to see done just let me know and I will do the changes when I get off work and I'll have it uploaded asap. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I like this one the most. But i am not 100% sold yet. Is there anything you think that would make it better
  • Try making the pools bigger
  • It looks more like a house builder logo than a swimming pool builder. I like it but dont know if it works for my business. What if we changed the house to a tiki hut are cabana
  • About #49: I have taken that design #31. And I have adjusted a few of the shadows to make them look better with the black background. I hope you like the changes and just let me know if you need anything else changed. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I would like to see this with a black back ground
  • About #31: I made the changes for you. I tried to make the reflection look like water ripples. It kinda hard to get that effect with a vector image. I also added some water droplets to the word pool. I thought it would be a nice touch I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. About #36: I took the same design as #31 and I took off the water droplets. I then added a inner gradient of black to no black to give it some depth. I hope you like it and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I am working on trying to get the effect you want. I have to figure out the best way to get the style your looking for with a vector style design. I will have it uploaded soon. And thank you for the feedback it helps a lot. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Still in the lead. I like the reflection but was wondering if it could look as if was reflecting in a body of water with ripples.
  • Hi CH, When I get points then eliminated...do I get to keep the rating points? Sorry new to this and wondering about how that works. thanks, DM
  • Let me see this design with the color from 28
  • Try with a different font
  • Dear Ch, thanx for feedback i upload black background, horizontal and vertical design appreciated feedback
  • Also show again in both horizontal and vertical
  • on the black back ground Eiland doesnt show up as good
  • i would like to see with a black back ground
  • Extremely Sorry for the last time entry submission,But I believe you will like the #81 most. Please,see all of the entries in 100% Zoom. Regards.