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Winning design #57 by Vados, Logo Design for einstein Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vados

Project description

need a very strong but simple logo of albert einsteins face but with a bloody nose and maybe a black eye, its a logo for a fighting gym. i want it to stand out from a far..think the alfred hitchcock logo

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  • Ok...check out #21 now. Took out the grey. Let me know... Dina
  • lose the grey
  • hey #19 is just another revision with cleaner lines around the forehead and I darkened the hairline on right side of head. :) Dina
  • Ooops! Forgot to add the bloody nose. :) See #17. Dina
  • Hey Scott. Check out #15 and #16. wanted to add a background to Einsteins head that would speak MMA and fighting. I decided to go with the blue in #16 after checking out your website. I noticed thats a color scheme you offer for your tshirts, etc. Waiting on your thoughts... :) Dina
  • Scottie, Ok..I am pretty thrilled about #14. I added some cool color changes where his hair is white now, added a slight hand drawn texture to his stash...and made his face totally more "Einstein". Will hold off to see how you feel about the changes. Thanks! Dina
  • You got it...will get to working on it for you...Thanks! Dina
  • YAD
    Hello CH ive made another version of my entries, a bit angry einstein... thanks
  • About #11 I have drew you a einstein design. I thought I would add a glove that was punching the eye which made it feel like the is some sort of movement in the design. Then I added some highlights on the face and hair to give some life to the design. I then added the blood on the nose like you asked and I tried to make it look realistic. I hope you like the design and if you would like to see something changed. Just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • lower the hair line a little add some black like the #10 guys
  • Hey for #7 I added a bit of a drop shadow to make him look slightly 3D, and also put a small but noticeable E=mc2 under his ear. Just a thought...could be fun but prolly not needed as this is clearly Einstein... Thanks again...off to bed soon...will check for updates in the AM... Dina
  • Ok, #6 has a slighter darker eye. Noticeable but not over the top.... Dina
  • only thing I was thinking is to make the black eye a darker shade of gray...I will try it and see how it turns out...
  • Sounds good Scottie. I dig it too....the tongue is where its at for sure right? Lemme know. I will hold up on any updates till I hear from you....Standing by... Dina
  • this ones dope.ill show it to my people
  • I tried reversing it and looks really bad. With the black being white it gets all fuzzy and unable to show that some of the black are shadows that make up his face...gets all jumbled honestly....
  • Thanks Scottie! I will reverse for sure...but take a look at my latest...love this image of einstein...made it my own for ya! #5. I also created it in gray to fit his look better. :) Dina
  • try since einsteins hair was white reversing the black and white
  • the gym is 10th planet west la. but my fight name is einstein . you can play with E=mc2 but dont write einstein any where.
  • Dear CH, #3 and #4 i created an simple new concept, very minimalist. Before i work on your logo, i made a search about Einstein logos/cartoons , and there is all the same, everything in the same line, so that i created an cubic concept. Hope you like it, Best Regards, João Santos