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Winning design #144 by chakori, Logo Design for Ekosula Contest
Gold Medal

designed by chakori

Project description

"Ekosula" is a new company involved in the harvesting of Birch Sap. We are interested in a logo design which we can use on banners during trade shows and other marketing material.

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  • Hi Matasv,
    Please find my entry #258, feedback greatly appreciated
  • About #208, @dinindu_rumesh
    look my logo and you can rate it sir
  • About #208, @dinindu_rumesh
    look my logo this logo match for your company
  • let me know if need any change or any variation.................
  • best design ever...professional design within dc design #208
  • Hello client, my logo seeks to integrate a neat concept that intere a drop of water, with a leaf, rementendoa life, ecology, care of the environment. Just a flat, solid and striking.


    Salvatori #198
  • which country are you from? asking, because it makes perfect sense if you're from Latvia, where it means - ecojuice
    • @jmgraphics your neighbors to the south, Lithuania :)

    • @jmgraphics your neighbors to the south, Lithuania :)

    • @matasv wow, greetings! hope you like my designs!

  • we like this one, would you be able to send some more similar variations of this design #9
    • @matasv Thank you for your feedback! I submitted some revised options for you, please let me know your thoughts!

    • @matasv #159 #158 #157 #156 #155 are the revised version! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

  • the spelling should be corrected to "eko" #173
  • About #177, @matasv i'm ready for feedback :)
  • spelling should be changed to "eko" #72
    • Sorry, it's my fault. Fixed, please check #176 and #175 About #72, @matasv

  • can you send a few more variations of this design #24
    • AS


  • feedback on my design pls..thanks #110
    • @st3v3f0x not quit what we are looking for.

  • Hello CH,
    Please check my designs. Thanks and Regards #144
    • @chakori we like this idea a lot. It would be interesting to see a few more variations

  • we are looking for a more cleaner/simple design, font also seems a bit cartoony #113
  • looks nice, but a little too complex for what we are looking for #111
  • would like to see a stand a lone symbol and the name seperate #100
  • Like the design but it should be spelled "eko" #50
  • Hi there!! With the contest coming to an end please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see from my logos. It has been so great working with you!! :)
  • Your feedback is very important. Thanks, #150