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Winning design #11 by mustafa5252, Logo Design for Elara Capital Plc Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mustafa5252

Project description

We need a LOGO for Elara Capital Global Investor Conference titled Ashwamedh – Indian Renaissance. A sample image is attached.

Context of the Logo

The Ashwamedha is an ancient ritual in which a king interested in "world-domination" would send out a sacrificial horse through the territories of neighboring kings. India’s story is now entering a phase of the RENAISSANCE, where it finds itself at the forefront of the new global order. A Billion Aspirations will make this century India’s.


Background on the Conference

India is a fashionable asset class today. The nation carries a lot of political capital now and the delivery of good governance is non-negotiable. A clear motto of the government is to do whatever needs to be done to bring about equitable growth. A Billion Aspirations that resulted in a resounding mandate in 2014 was a change that society had long demanded. It will be a blunder to view this event in isolation. India’s demographic dividend, with more than 60% population of working age, needs technology to resolve its myriad contradictions. The government’s three flagship program, DIGITAL INDIA, MAKE IN INDIA and SKILL INDIA, constitute the triangle of growth. The newfound political stability has built on existing positive structurals, and global investors are attracted by the GREAT INDIAN OPPORTUNITY.


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  • hi there, #5 and #10 are good starting points. Can you pls work for a better font around #5 to give a classic touch. #10, the horse could be more dynamic like #5 and also try putting horse at the side and not the middle. #10
    • @priyanka_sheth @mustafa5252 tagging you.

    • @priyanka_sheth
      Hello !
      Thank you for appreciating my work. Here I've submitted my design #11 as per your specifications. Feedbacks are always welcome. Kindly rate.


    • @mustafa5252 Can you pls rework #5 and #6 for more font options. One of these could be font used in #11.

    • @priyanka_sheth Sure ! But the contest is closed. You kindly pick a winning design and in finalization period (which is of 7 days), I will modify my designs as per your specifications till you feel that you got the perfect one. Regards, Mustafa

  • please check the logo #13
  • Hi ! I added my concept there, I'd be happy if I get feedback, thank you #7
    • @Adisaputra HI there, pls iterate more on the font and a more dynamic horse.