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Winning design #145 by uzairdesigner, Logo Design for Electra Compliance Contest
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designed by uzairdesigner

Project description

Hello, Please see my example attachments. I would like a slick company logo that gives off the impression of 'safe' 'trusted' 'stylish' 'modern' 'advanced technologies' I want my Electrical Contractor company Logo to catch the eye. It has look 'very professional' 'contemporary (modern)' 'simplistic' -slick. My business is aimed towards, higher end residential (domestic) clientele and the commercial sector. I want my clients to see my company logo and automatically think to themselves that if they use my company they will be using a 'very professional electrical contractor' with a 'good design sense' that 'does everything 'by the book' I have played with the idea of using dark blue, green and gray on a white background. (My vehicle is white, company letters will be white) I am open to other ideas and colours The logo will be used on my website, vehicle, business cards, clothes, etc. Attached is something I did myself a while ago with basic software. Please feel free to use this as a basis for your designs! Thank you and good luck!

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  • Hi What wording would you like with the logo? (if any) also what type of van do you drive? I ask so i can place my design on the vehicle to give you a strong sense of how it will look.
    • Hi, the vehicle will be either a Citroen Berlingo van or a Ford Transit van. What did you mean by wording?

    • Like a slogun (sub header) ?

    • yeah if you require one and also what type of logos do you like so i can get a idea of your preferred style.

    • I don't have a slogan, although I am open to anything creative. It's not a necessity to have one. I will have a look around the internet and forward anything that catches my eye if I come across anything.

    • please see my updated example files. Hope this helps

    • omg, I'm really sorry for that, i haven't seen it, really. Which design was it? Id like to apologize.

  • GJR
    Hi, I've submitted #2 and #3. I wasn't sure from reading your brief whether you wanted an icon or not so I've made one with and one without. Thanks.
    • Hi, yes, an Icon would be great. Good effort, it's a little too bold and hard for my liking. I'm after something a little softer with more of a creative flair. Picture a female designer on the hunt for an electrician with great design sense. I'm after a professional and creative flair look.

    • GJR

      Thanks for the helpful feedback. I'll work on something completely different. Feel free to eliminate my entries if they are not what you are looking for. Thanks.

    • You are welcome Electra Compliance - this style of font is less intimidating to a would be female client or office based client.

    • GJR

      The font style didn't carry across unfortunately - I would guess you're looking for either something more rounded or cursive? Perhaps you could include some examples of logos in a similar style?

    • /Users/hawke006/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 21.38.08.png

    • not sure whether you can open this or not?

    • GJR

      No but you can upload files to the brief. Here's the instructions: https://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Payouts/Knowledgebase/Article/View/76/23/how-do-i-upload-files-to-my-contest

    • There you go! I did this myself. I'm looking for something much better than this, with possibly a clever icon or something creative included. Hope this helps

    • Please ignore the slogan. I'm not happy with it. You are more than welcome to add another if you choose.

    • GJR

      Perfect, thanks. I wouldn't worry about a slogan, it'll be cleaner without. Thanks.

    • did you receive my latest feedback just now? Good job!

    • GJR

      Great, Thanks for your feedback. I will work on the changes you requested.

  • I prefer your other logo. Could you add the gray to the logo just like your other one? Thanks
    • Thanks for feedback, Please see my entry on #20 for revision. regards,

    • I like the text just the way it is. Could you play around with some different icons. Great job so far!

  • Thanks for your effort. This isn't quite what I'm looking for.
  • #16 pls check my design entry. Thank you so much CH. i need your feedback
  • #13 is my first design, please check, simple logo, thx
    • Hi and thank you for your effort. Your logo reminds me of a budget food store here in the UK called Asda. Please check them out online. I'm looking for my logo to have a bit more style and class.

    • thx for your feedback.. i will upload some design, maybe more style

  • hi, this design concept is clever but a little too basic and industrial for what I'm after. I'm after more of a creative, softer look with blues, grays and green
    • well, I got your preferences and taste. Good luck in your findings! :)

  • This is the best style I've seen so far. I like the colours used and the logo.
  • I do like the slogan (sub header)!
    • Thanks! what about the design ? anything i should add or completely change?? also it helps us alot if you rate the designs, me personally it would help me a lot thanks

  • I find this a little to bold and loud for my liking. I'm after more subtle, simplistic and modern. Please see my example files I recently attached. Thank you for your effort.
  • I like the simplicity. I'm not overly amazed with the logo or the colour tones used Please see my attached example files. Thank you for your effort
  • What do you think about #5 give me your feedback thanks!
    • Thanks again, I'm looking for something with a more modern touch. Your latest design is a little too old looking. Please look at my work and picture in my brief. This should help.

  • Hi ! #1 is the first design i submit for this contest. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    • Hi, good effort. This concept is a little too industrial. I'm like my logo to be softer with a clever design concept. Something more modern that portrays classy and sleek that gives a sense of professionalism and good design sense. Your concept is good but too hard and bold for me.

    • Thanks for the feedback! i will work on a better logo to suit your description!

  • I like your icon. It's very clever! I'm not keen on the wording though.
    • Hi Should i keep the 2D or the 3D icon? i am going to look for some other fonts, a hint about typeface type/style (modern, classic, bold, thin, thick, script, cursive, scifi etc) would be helpful in this as there are thousands of fonts out there.

    • Hi I played a bit on typography. Please see #94, #97, #98, #99 and #100. Let me know what direction you want to take with this. Thanks Andrei

    • I kept the icon, made one version more like a gear and updated the text in both. See #141 and #142. Note: it seems others like my icon not only the CH. Thanks

  • Could I see this in Green please?
    • Thank you for feedback, Please see my entry on #76 and let me know if any change.. regards,

  • hi ch. may i know your suggestion about my entry #71? thanks!
    • Thanks for some originality! I like the layout. I'm not so sure about the icon. It's generally very good. I like to see it in green and grey. Thanks again!

    • 71 is a better font. Could you play around with the icon? Maybe change the colour scheme to grey green?

    • thanks for the feedback. sure i'll try to make a green version of it. thanks again!

    • hi ch, i made an update on my design. please let me know if you want some changes on it. thanks!

  • R A look too similar with these designs
  • Nice Icon. Compliance is a little to big for my liking. Aslo the Electra font could do with changing. It's nice but a little too playful. Could you add a little contrast to the green to make it more 3D? Look at some of the other designs. The greens have 2 tones almost. Look at #12 or #30.
    • Hi In #67 i made it 3D (both the text and icon), by using 3 shades of electric green. I also made COMPLIANCE smaller and altered the font of ELECTRA a bit, so there are less curves and playfulness. In #68 and #69 i changed the font for ELECTRA entirely. Waiting for suggestions. Thanks.

  • Very nice! Could I see how this would look on a dark grey/ black background as work clothes will be this colour. Thanks again!
    • GJR

      Thanks! #55 is the version on both backgrounds. Thanks.

    • I like it a lot!

    • GJR

      Thanks. sorry, I made a small mistake on #55. #56 is a replacement.

  • Could you make this more of a landscape design with the icon to the left of the wording. Maybe change the black to grey and the green to more of a lime green.
    • Hi I changed coloring and layout as requested. Please take a look at #34 and comment. Regards Andrei

    • Hi #52 is based on my initial entry. I changed the colors to plain no gradient, shadow or shine, spaced the icon and text group a bit and widened the compliance part. With #53 i propose a new icon made out of the E and mirrored C to form a perfect circular shape. Also text chosen for Electra part might be more appealing to female clients. Feedback would be nice. Regards Andrei