Electric Park, LLC.

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Project description

Electric Park, LLC. It is a high speed flat organization where we are a bunch of nerds.

We like Edison Lightbulbs, Victorian Era and Steampunk. We also might like Victorian skylines and Gas Lamps. We like reds and TARDIS Blues.

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  • Thank you for your submission. Would you shrink the name in another version and put the name in a circle around the logo in another? Thank you. #122
  • I have tried to make it unique. Please have a look. Awaiting your feedback. #124
  • Check design handmade vintage simple option #121
  • my other design #120
  • i hope u like my design simple and nice. #119
  • Check my design option 4 #80
    • @Abcorestudio Thank you for your submission. Could you remove the investment company reference and put it on a white background?

    • @sellersjc1 sure,

  • I hope you like it #115
  • Check My another design option #99
    • @Abcorestudio thank you for the submission. This is too baseball ish for us.

  • This looks cool. Could you change the colors a bit?
  • Version 2 #108
  • Version 1 #107
  • check my design option #98
  • Check my design option #97
  • I hope you like it #87
  • Check my design option 3 #79
  • Check my design option 2 #78
  • Check my design option 1 #77
  • hope you like it #74
  • hope you like it #63
  • hello, ch :)
    how do you think about this one?
    i am waiting for your feedback to revise this design.
    i really hope you give me feedback.


    best regards.

    Dav #59