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Winning design #63 by sankaridewari, Logo Design for Electrical/ Utility Contractor Needs Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sankaridewari

Project description

We are an electrical and utility contracting firm and we are looking for a new logo. Here's where it gets tricky. We have two divisions so I am trying to find a "portable" design that can be slightly customized to each entity. Since our utility division's specialty is storm restoration work (we are the guys in the bucket trucks that string up downed lines and install poles) I was thinking of having the design incorporate the hurricane logo (red) and perhaps a blue background. I was thinking of something in a round logo but I'm open. The name of our two companies are D&M Electrical Contracting, Inc. and D&M Utility Construction, Inc. so the "D&M" should be common to both. Lastly....we are looking for something a simple but powerful impact. Easy....right? Lol.

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  • Hi CH, I just submitted my design #10. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Merry Christmas Elijah. I do think you are on the right track. Thank you for your designs and input.
  • you posted it faster then me but its the same idea :) Thanks again
  • Hello Doug, Thank you very much for the positive feedback, i made those changes although in my opinion the lightning bolt behind it is a bit too much and i will work on it more to make it "lighter", and i will work on the company name also to make it more even. Before the constest is over i will have something more to show you. Merry Christmas Best Regards Elijah
  • Thinner lightning bolt- perhaps more rotate a bit more clockwise. "Inc" should be in the same case as the rest of the lettering.
  • Looks pretty good. Here's an idea- how about superimposing a yellow lightning bolt BEHIND the whole thing? Oh....also one more thing. Both companies need to have "Inc" after them.
  • I would like to see the actual red hurricane logo rotated about 45 degrees clockwise. I think solid red would look better. I would like to see the entire circle large so we could superimpose the "D&M" on top of the hurricane logo. Also would like to see a more "powerful" font with some slant to the right.
  • Hello, I would appreciate it if you would give me some tips on how to improve my designs #3 and #4. Thanks!
  • I like your design. I'd like to see a few refinements. One is to perhaps add some "slant" to the "D&M". This would allow the lighting bolt to have a better skew and give the letters a "faster" look. I'd also like to see the "&" have be on the same skew as the D&M.
  • While I do like the very "corporate look" I think we could make some changes that I would like more. I think a more powerful font would give more impact to the "D&M". I also would like to see some degree of lean to in to give it a "fast" look.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for feedback, let me know further changes or modification. i am waiting for your response. Merry Christmas Best Regards sankaridewari
  • This design is growing on me. I've had some positive feedback from others within my organization as well. I like the simplicity but yet it has some degree of appeal. I would like to see it with a slant to the right on the "D&M" and perhaps the "Electrical Contracting, Inc." in italics. Thanks!
  • relative to #33 draw against one another something new in the design? especially when there is a choice, tornadoes and D & M. ..
  • Actually the tornado isn't what I was looking for. It was the hurricane logo which several designers used.
  • I see concept biting is still going on here.... #60.... low opacity tornado in the background..#33.......seriously? Might as well go ahead and add the lighting bolt.... so it matches...smh