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Winning design #135 by soulnathan, Logo Design for Elegant Logo for Healing Oasis Contest
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designed by soulnathan

Project description

We are looking for a logo that evokes a relaxed sophistication with a nod to the spiritual while remaining Elegant. You should feel like you are entering a oasis/safe haven. Think spa like qualities (nurturing, high end products, water, orchids and replenishing your soul). We have attached some logos that match the look and feel we are going for. PLEASE LOOK AT SAMPLES PROVIDED. We really enjoy creative designs and are open to your ingenious ideas!
We would like a stand-alone logo when the full name of the business is not appropriate for the item being branded. Fonts that are more organic or have style and flair will likely be best. This will be used on shirts, paper products and digital media where we will need color - three to four colors preferable. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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  • #49 Dear Contest Holder, Another option. Hope you like this entry. Thank you.
  • #48 Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like this entry. Thank you.
  • DnC
    Dear Design Contest Holder, i submitt my design with entry number #38 and #39. both the items, i put a woman element in both logo. in #38 is a house, where woman can enjoy hemselves and feel secure, while #39 usppose to be a good spa for woman. Please feel free to comment. thank you before.
  • #34 Thank you, and yes I have taken the sample into good consideration. I will continue to work diligently.
  • Absolutley, and okay i looked at the samples ive been working on another. and i do not understand are you asking me to make the grey one with different shades of grey and different shades of green? and change the butterfly color, correct?
  • We kinda like the font. Not so sure about the symbol. What is that suppose to represent?
  • please look at the logo samples I provided for look and feel I'm looking for.
  • I like the H (house) in grey the best. Need a script type font and color as well as the butterfly in a different color. In one of the other designs you also mand the house very in colors of green, can you do that with the grey too?
  • can you look at my samples for the look and feel I'm looking for please.
  • I definitely see the 3 H's but only if I look really hard. I love the script font but it might be a little too much in this case. But super excited that you looked at my samples. You are the first designer to do that. Would love to see what else you can come up with.
  • love the colors and how on the symbol it blends from one color to the next but I'd like to see an image change. I uploaded some sample so you have ideas of what I love.
  • Thanks for the feedback on #7 . I changed the concept on #24, please let me know how you feel about it. Regards.
  • too futuristic for my taste. just attached sample logos I love the look and feel for, please refer to those.
  • I changed the window to get it to feel more like a House, I also changed the Healing Hands to form the Third H..
  • This is practically the same as the last design, which I wasn't in love with.
  • I changed the window to get it to feel more like a House, I also changed the Healing Hands to form the Third H..
  • love the color used but not crazy about the H used and don't understand the point of the box.
  • The colors are very pretty, especially the aqua and yellow together, never thought of that. Going for boutique hotel feel not alternative healer.