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We need a logo for our company "Elevated Pitch". We are looking for a minimal, modern looking logo. Our company is a guerilla marketing company that helps other companies gain better brand recognition and quality leads through campaigns that stand out. Our colors are Orange and White, we would also consider hints of light blue similar to these sites: canyonsresort.com fiserv.com vivint.com We like out of the box thinking using different approaches then what you traditionally do. We'd like to see you give some thought to our name and what we do and let the logo reflect what we do. We live/work in a mountainous and desert region which could be incorporated into the logo.

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  • Maybe you could also try to incorporate some light blue in the peak of the mountain to make it look like snow.
  • I'd like to see a similar logo with the words inside the snow peak of the mountains, or near the top, something to that affect. Great job.
    • Hello, Thank you for the feedback, im not sure i understood your idea but here is #46 if not i will try to put some more thought into it. Best regards Elijah

    • I apologize, I should have been more clear. Maybe we could see the Mountain without the lines on either side of the mountain. Then put the words near the peak of the mountain but on the same line. So the word "Pitch" is horizontal instead of slanted. Make sense?

  • Very cool concept. I think it would make more sense to have the Pitch lifted instead of the word elevated lifted.
  • Clever. Would you do one where the Pitch elevated. Since that is what we are elevating. Thanks
  • This is looking good. Anyway you might be able to work in a blue. Perhaps the stylized E could be soft blue?
  • Love the idea. Thank you for putting thought into what the name means. Not in love with the design, don't like the quote mark on the "i" or the pitch on a different line but great thinking...you're on the right path.
  • To many focal points on this piece. I don't understand how the E in Elevated and the d and p tie together
  • Would like to see the gray back removed
  • Love the bold font with the lighter font, but prefer the lower case.
  • I submitted #22 and #23 please let me know if you have any thoughts as to the concept or if there is anything youd like me to change. Thanks so much!
    • @Tanya1729 thanks for posting didn't love either one. Liked #23 more than 22 but a little to plain.

  • Could we see this in a darker Orange... definitely on the right track with this one
  • Hi CH, I would like to propose design #74 for your logo. Your comment and suggestions is highly appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
  • I'm new to this. Any comments for #54 would be most welcome. Trying to build my portfolio and learn (although I wouldn't mind winning one too.)
    • Sure, don't love the sun behind the mountain that's the main thing I don't like on this design

    • Thanks for your feedback. I may take another pass before the contest ends.

  • hi CH. pls check my new revision #68 hope you like the fonts. any suggestion ? thank you
  • This font is a lot better. Can you remove the line underneath the mountain and make "pitch" the same size or text as "elevated"?
  • Great design. Could we remove the flame like lines from the mountain?
  • Let's try some different fonts on this
  • This looks great. Would you correct the spelling on Elevated? Thanks.
  • Really like this one. Could you do a couple more in different fonts? Microsoft Word has a font called Blue Highway...I like how some of the lines in the font are sloped/pitched. Would like to see it with Blue Highway and one or two more with fonts of your choosing.
  • Like the concept. Let's get rid of the weird d and p mixed together and possible see some font options. Thanks!
    • |--|

      dmgilbert22 {*wrote*}:
      Like the concept. Let's get rid of the weird d and p mixed together and possible see some font options. Thanks!
      |--| Am I missing something or does this one contain a spelling error? Perhaps that should be changed, too. ;)