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Winning design #404 by artasm, Logo Design for ELITE CRANES Contest
Gold Medal

designed by artasm

Project description

This is a custom crane business. We are looking for a logo for our business, it will go on cranes, semi-tractors, pickup trucks, letterhead, and invoices.  We do not want a picture of a crane. Colors we want are medium primary blue with a goldenrod yellow or sunflower yellow.  We also like blue with a metallic silver. We mostly work with construction and industrial people. Looking for a cool design.  We would like to do something with the letters E and C some kind of design.

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  • cfnghcn #425
  • chgnb #423
  • cfhcfhg #422
  • cxfhg g #421
  • gjhkj #420
  • CH, i am submitting my design for your logo. I hope that it would be fine to you. Thank you! #419
  • sir fonts #167 change #392
  • Artasm, we are also looking for a second logo for small stickers and like this one. Can you extended the top of the C out a little bit and pick a bigger hook. Thanks #167
  • artasm, can you take the font from your number 167 design for the ELITE CRANE and apply it to this one 332 We like the EC on this one 332 but not the wording #332
  • Elite Cranes #386
  • Elite Cranes #385
  • how about this? thanks #355
  • this page may help you in your decision-making: http://www.gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.html Just 20% down the page shows the over-used Ethnocentric font used in many entries here
    • @archinla yesss...you are correct ...

  • please check and give me feedback.
    thank you #350
  • all the designers tried to mimic my design.
    I need feedback from you,
    thank you #288
  • Have a look..another one. Hope you like it #348
  • We like your logo, we really like the font for the EC can you try a bolder font for Elite Cranes and possibly do the E and C be one color and not two toned? #332
  • Have a look.. #341