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Winning design #24 by daisydec, Logo Design for Elite Moving Labor Contest
Gold Medal

designed by daisydec

Project description

A redesign of our existing (and outdated) logo. Our current/old logo can be found on our website (elitemovinglabor.com). A simple design that gives consumers an idea of what we do yet also reflects that we are a reputable company with integrity. Who we are and what we do: An Internet company that provides consumers who are moving with licensed and insured movers for *labor only*. This is an important distinction as we are not a full service moving company and we do not provide a moving truck. Instead, we help customers load or unload their rented moving truck, portable storage units (POD), freight trucks, etc. We also provide other moving labor services such as moving furniture within the existing home or packing boxes. Our brand strength is built on our solid reputation after 10 years in the industry. Our company is licensed and insured, BBB Accredited, reliable, affordable and efficient. Perhaps more importantly, our company is ethical, moral and reputable. Colors: Our primary brand colors are dark green and black, however, we are open to variations as determined by the designer. Slogan: Your Move, Our Movers Mascot: I've attached a copy of our mascot. This does not have to be used, but certainly can be if the designer feels like it will be beneficial. Update & Attached Logos: I've uploaded several logos that I like, notably because they are simple, clean and horizontal. More importantly, they have presence and stand out even though they are simple. We're looking for something along these lines.

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  • No specific feedback, I just don't like it.
  • We also have a "mascot" that can be used. I'm attaching a copy of the image itself, I can provide the winning designer with the original PSD (assuming the winning logo uses the mascot).
  • Sorry, looks like the old logo.
  • Sorry, looks like the old logo.
  • I'm sorry for the confusion. I posted the old logo just for reference, I do not want our new logo to look anything like that. I'll remove the old logo to avoid further confusion.
  • You're on the right track, in terms of a horizontal design that is also simple. I will be attaching examples of logos we like in a moment, please review them and submit some revisions.
  • Hi CH: I sumbitted #9 for your review. Hope you like it - thank you.
  • Your entry was found to be a copy. Logo designs need to be original.
  • I like it, but it's not quite what we want. Is it possible to make a similar design that's more horizontal and less tall?
  • You're on the right track with all three of your designs. Is there any possibility of incorporating our mascot in a similar design?
  • I like your design, however, I would like to see a few variations before awarding you the winner. I can provide you with some details about what I would like to see, are you willing to submit some revised versions?
    • What are the details you want to give? I'll try it. Thanks

    • Well, I'd like to see two primary modifications. First, some alternative symbol/image options to the box used in #24. Perhaps the use of our mascot in some way? Second, the use of a darker green and black colors for "Elite Moving Labor". Our current logo has 'Elite' and 'Labor' in green and 'Moving' in black, not to say that your design must do that but I've always liked how 'moving' was a different color, it stands out. But you're the designer, not me, so whatever variations you think would look best I would like to see. I think you're on the right track.

    • Hi, unfortunately i can not design with mascot or character. But i can design symbol/image box. Thanks