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Winning design #1 by ilaasafana, Logo Design for Elysium Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ilaasafana

Project description

Food for thought: The definition of Elysium means: Any place or state of complete happiness; paradise; bliss.

Also, although they look fantastic in all of your designs, I would prefer not incorporating leaves into the design, given it's very common to see and a lot of our competitors have leaves.

Design/Look/target audience: We're looking to make a Modern looking logo with a slightly minimalist design, something cool-looking that appeals to both genders, and a broad audience but is primarily more focused on younger generations (i.e. 20-45 years old). We'll be selling this product online and we're looking for a design that is unique and will make us stand out against the competition within the natural supplement realm. We want our products to appeal to customers (i.e. gender neutral) so greatly that they'll be proud to keep our products on their kitchen counter.

Company purpose: We're looking to exude a high quality brand that is reputable and very appealing to almost everyone when looking at the product and when they're consistently taking the product. We're looking to produce an experience for our customers that will result in people feeling good about buying and using our product on a daily basis.

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