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A great way to get artwork at a fair price. A very good service with some excellent contestants - it's a pity we had to choose between them. Chris Mills Linx Software, Auatralia

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We are launching a desktop-based mass emailing app called "LinxMail" and need a logo to suit. For several years we have produced a CRM program called "LinxCRM" (see The logo on that site is well-established but dated. (We make great software but lousy logo designs!) The LinxMail logo needs to be modern and stylish, something you would expect from a sophisticated software app. The logo is likely to read "LinxMail" as a word, with a symbol to the left (see item 4 below). We use the tag line "Your contacts. Your control." and it should work with and without the tag line. (The thinking behind the tag line is that LinxMail allows the user to maintain their contacts in-house, not having to risk placing their contacts with a third-party provider). Some technical aspects: 1. Must be scalable vector please (editable with CorelDraw X4). 2. All original work, no clipart, etc. and all rights transferred to us on payment. 3. Needs to be able to work with colours reversed - ie. on white background and on a coloured one. 4. For years we have used the letter "L" on the gold button (see site above) and could continue that theme (modernised) for LinxMail, but this is not essential. 5. The font we currently use is Neuropol but again this is not essential. 6. Our colours are typically blue and gold and we prefer to stay with at least the blue. We favour a "glow" effect - see the banner on the above site. Good luck & we look forward to your ideas!

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  • Hello Contest Holder, Please accept my entry number #10 on black and white backgrounds.#9 should be deleted. Thanks
  • Great effort! Thanks for using the blue "glow" background as mentioned in the brief. The winged envelope makes me think of Asterix! Very cute, but I think for our professional market we would unfortunately not be able to use it. Can you think of another option please? You may also want to try Neuropol font so it fits with our other products. Colours are PERFECT thanks!
  • Thanks for the submissions but unfortunately not the styling we are seeking.
  • Thanks for the concept but #59 & #60 don't meet the brief re format. Sorry.
  • Thanks CH, I wanted to make unique memorable and easy recognisable symbol fr you. I submitted #57 #58 with corrections
  • Thanks for the updates - you are very creative! This has great impact on black but also needs to work on white - I wonder how it would look? Also, the symbol needs to be same height as text, due to where we plan to use it. Neuropol font would be worth a try.
  • Hi CH, I made some updates of my previous entry #55, #56 . Hope you like them
  • Symbol needs to be on the left as per example on our web site (see brief). Maybe try Neuropol font?
  • Thanks for the submission but rather heavy and perhaps dated? Need something a little lighter and "now" please.
  • Nice use of the Lynx cat but doesn't fit with exisitng styles (see brief). Thankyou, though.
  • On the right track but needs to be stronger / have more impact. Will delete your other one to free up entries.
  • Nice try but our preferred format is symbol to the left of text. We also prefer roughly the same height throughout due to where we have to use the logo. Neuropol font may be worth a try?
  • Sorry, not quite up to what we need. Keep trying!
  • Cute but deleting it as the little bird (which my wife would love!) looks too much Tweet-like, rather than email. Thanks, though.
  • Terry - glad you could contribute another. Hopefully it was because I deleted one of your other entries. This has a definite WOW factor. Looks great on grey - not sure if the same impact would exist on white. I'd probably also use the symbol from your earlier ones but you've given us something to think about - great work!
  • Sorry, not the styling we are after.
  • This is very nice, thankyou. However, we do need a symbol to the left (we will use that as a desktop icon). Tag line might be better split with a bullet and spread entire width of "LinxMail"? I will delete your other 2 offerings to allow more (in case you are limited). Nice work!
  • Very clever use of the L & M. It doesn't necessarily connect with mail (like an envelope would) but it would be good to see it to the left of "LinxMail" and all the same height (as per other examples and our LinxCRM example on the web site). Don;t forget the tag line. Very creative - thanks!
  • Please check on my entry #54, a combination of L and M forming an envelop. Thanks.
  • afm
    Hello, about #20, sorry for the mistake in the name, I realized after submission, thanks for the rating.