Embark Electric

Was very pleased with the quality and speed of the logo design contest. I think I was done in a few hours from starting. Thank you very much.

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Winning design #38 by senadneslan_juventus, Logo Design for Embark Electric Contest
Gold Medal

designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

Looking for a clean logo and font for an electrical contracting business for residential and commercial. I have a color preference for orange, black, grey, white if possible. I thought a simplified iron core transformer as part of logo would be nice but open to suggestions. Thank you

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  • Sorry, my wife is suggesting a small variation and my mind cant picture it. Can I please see the black and grey inverted with everything else the same. The square and mbark in grey and electric in black. Thank you again and nice work. #38
  • I keep thinking of gatorade when I look at this style #32
  • I like what you did with the K and lettering but its a little too intense on the symbol for me. #33
  • How about this, sir.

    thank you
    Regards. #43
  • Please check it,thanks. #42
  • and how about colour it,,thanks. #41
  • how about colour it,thanks for feedback #40
  • Please check #39
  • Unique. Thank you for the originality. A filament and E used for both. Dont think it is quite what I am looking for but thank you for your entry #27
  • Please check my design,thank you. #35
  • Comes off a little greek and mountains to me, but thank you for the entry #29
  • I think this is my favorite of what you have sent me. The E is growing on me and really is the best for helping understand symbol. Thank you for those changes so far. I am not completely happy with the "mbark" because the M B R having some character design in letter that isnt appealing to me. A slightly cleaner font would be a consideration. #30
  • I thought this would be more useful to you as a symbol. #32
  • This is an improvement in my opinion. The embark doesnt seem congruous with the symbol though. Also, some of the fine outline or inside corners of symbols may get lost in some applications. This feels like a step im the right direction versus previous versions. Thank you for your efforts so far #15
  • Feels a little "busy"? Maybe it is the thin Eand so many lines. I think I am liking a little cleaner. I always thought the box ahape letter fill was interesting though. Font is clean. Thank you for your entry #4
  • This is looking very nice. On white it comes across as a little light, but looks amazing on black. I will be using as a letterhead on whote paper and more important to have whitw look best. Any recommendations? I like yhe orange you chose but a safety orange (255, 121, 0 or so) and a slightly darker grey may be a better fit for my purpose even if it isnt quite as pretty. Thoughts? Thanks again for your effort so far #13
  • I think I like side more, thanks for trying a new option though #14
  • I think I have decided I want to stay away from bolts. #16
  • I dont think the gradient will work well for embroidery that I plan to have later. Thank you for your post but I think I am looking for something a little different. #18
  • Thank you for trying a polished version for me. The electric the same size is not as good now that I see it more. I think I like otnat least 20% smaller than Embark #19