Ember Fire Academy

Design contest worked well for our needs. I'm happy with the final product.

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Winning design #9 by xotrex, Logo Design for Ember Fire Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by xotrex

Project description

We are looking to design a logo / shoulder flash for Ember Fire Academy:
Ember Fire Academy is a free, hands-on and physically intense training program for females 16 and over where you can learn about working in Yukon's fire service.

Learn more about the academy here:



The academy is fire service based, Maltese cross is the traditional logo shape used or incorporated into fire service logo's.

The words "Ember" and "Academy" must be incorporated in the logo the word "Fire" is optional especially if the Maltese cross is used in the design.

The program is funded by Yukon Fire Marshal Office their logo attached.

The academy is base in Yukon, Canada hence the use of the fire-weed (Yukon flower) and maple leaf incorporated in the Fire Marshal's logo. Ideally the fire-weed and possibly also the maple leaf would be incorporated into our logo.

We would like the logo to reflect that it is a female academy but would like it to be subtle. For example not be all pink.

The triple F logo attached is an example of something similar to what we are looking for.

The black and white logo attached is a example of using the Maltese cross and fire-weed in the logo design.

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  • Modifications and details of logo #14. Please let me know if you want me to try any changes. #15
  • Hi Rashidar Here is some feedback I got from our team about your entry. Could the girl be holding an axe or hose or something not flexing. It would also be good if the stems on the fireweed was green instead of gray/brown. #4
    • About #4, @warren1 Thank you for the feedback Warren. I just posted the updated design. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Many Thanks.Rashid A.Rehman

  • Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback, will send some other entries soon.
  • Hello xotrex Here is some feedback I got from our team about your design. We really like the girl in the centre, its hard to find one that works well. That said we think the tattoo needs to go. Other than that I like it but I did receive some other feedback. Can you try another entry with these changes? - Curious about what it would look like if the Maltese cross was blue instead of red. Or some other idea to add a bit more contrast. #6
  • This design is hand drawn and then rendered in illustrator, original #6
  • Hello Rashid, Thank-you for your submission. We like the overall design,we really like the design of banners with the writing on them. I'm told the girl in the centre looks "too happy" she needs to be more serious (badass). There is a lot of red in the design, the fireweed flower is usually more pink or fuchsia in colour and maybe you could play with the other areas that are red. The maple leaf is usually red but its acceptable for it to be other colours (maybe yellow). Thanks!
    • @warren1 Thank you for the feedback Warren. I'll start working on the changes you requested and I'll post the updated design as soon as I'm done. Many Thanks. Rashid A.Rehman

    • @warren1 I just posted the updated design. Let me know what you think about it. Many Thanks. Rashid A.Rehman

  • Hello Warren,
    I just posted a design for you to look at and I would love to get some feedback from you regarding it. Let me know what you think. Many Thanks.
    Rashid A.Rehman