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Winning design #77 by mustafa5252, Logo Design for Emergent Results Contest
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designed by mustafa5252

Project description

I need some creative help, for sure. I am a success coach and a public speaker. This logo should be more along the lines of success coaching. I want the logo to include the name "Emergent Results" but I am not sure if it should also include something about success coaching. I am concerned about adding descriptive text, if my business focus shifts slightly in the near future, I would have painted myself into a corner. I've seen logos in the coaching industry that include a head profile with some creative stuff in the brain area. I'm not sure I want this. This is where I am looking for creative ideas. I think a businessy blue would look good, something slightly lighter than Facebook. Again, I need some creative help.

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  • Hi, Please let me know what you think of my entry #7 and if there are any changes you would like to see made. Thank you!
  • operhal, I like the colors. Would it make sense to incorporate a key shape on the E some how?
  • I like this. I am rating it a 70 since I haven't seen any others. I like the victorious concept it implies.
    • Thank you. Please let me know if you have any colour in mind for the logo. I have submitted several other designs as well. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers

  • Sorry
    • no problem. It was not ok, indeed, i realized after i made it.

  • Hello CH ! Here is my new design #52 with a slight change in the logo and colour to have a professional appearance. Feedbacks are always welcome. Regards,
  • Mustafa, Do you think it would be better to use a different blue? And accent lines before and after the "Success Coaching" text?
    • Hello CH, Thank you for your valuable feedback. Here I am with the revised version #49 as per your specifications. Regards,

  • I like the logo with the white background. The circle at the bottom of the E is a little off. The "Success Coaching" text needs to be darker. I wonder if the word "Result" would look good slightly bigger and italic.
  • I like this, except for the lower case 'er'
  • Perhaps a skeleton key where the 2 gray lines of the 'E' are the bottom part of the key and the top blue line sort of wraps around the key shaft. The top part of the key sticks up slightly above the rest. Does this make sense?
    • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback and rating, I will work on your suggestions and post it soon as possible.

    • Hi again, I have tried to incorporate key in my previous design #9 but it looks funny and visually is not so appealing. But I have upload new concept for you to see #45. I have included light bulb and key together as symbolism for 'idea/knowledge' and 'solutions' and I hope you will like it. best regards

  • entry is same idea/concept as entry 9 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/emergent-results/entry/35
  • I like the 2 lines in front and behind the "Success Coaching" text.
  • operhal, Is there a way to incorporate a key into this design. The bottom of the key would be the 'E'. And the word 'Emergent' could be blue.
  • Wow, very nice. How does this work? Can I get a version like this and one with the text to the right of the symbol. What comes with it? Do I get PNGs, JPEGS, and PSD files? What will I need to get business cards printed?
    • Here's design #74 with the text right to the symbol. You will get the files in AI format along with JPEGS, PNG or PSD files as per your requirement. AI format file will be needed to get the business cards printed.

    • That is a very nice design Mustafa. Thank you for your hard work. Let me show it to my partner. I will get back to you tonight or tomorrow.

    • OK, so how do we do this. I just select a winner on one of the images and I get both images?

    • Hello ! Yes you select a winner on one of the images and then in finalization process you can ask for both images from the winner.

    • I've merged both the orientation in one file to make it easy for you.

  • Let me talk this over with my business partner tonight. Can you use a cursive font for the word "Results"? Something a little fancy? This is so close to done. I am choosing your design, let's just tweak it a bit. Would a drop shadow work?
    • About #73, "Results" with Cursive font and Shadow Work.

  • Can you make the word Results more italic? Maybe a different font? You tell me man. What do you suggest?
    • Ofcourse I will make it a little more italic with a different font. Well according to me what I felt I submitted but now if you want any modifications so that I will do it till I don't stand up to your expections 100%.

    • You might be right, once I see the fancier font I might decide to go back. You're almost there.

    • About #72, I've made "Results" a little more italic but have not changed the fonts because no other font was giving that professional appearance with the logo as this one is giving. And to match it more I've condensed the logo a little bit.

  • Mustafa, I like this a lot. Can you thin out the accent lines around "Success Coaching" text, just a bit? Would the word "Results" look good italics? Maybe a little bit larger than the word "Emergent"? This might not work at all. This is the leading design.
    • Hello CH ! As per your request I've submitted the revised version #70 along with a different colour theme as well. Feedbacks are always welcome. Regards,

  • 64 - "Emergent Results : your success projection" best regards
  • using the folding paper idea is used by entry 9 first, this is something the contestholder did not ask for and makes the idea unique and origianl to the first designer http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/emergent-results/entry/12