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Winning design #36 by seegor, Logo Design for Empire Sneakers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by seegor

Project description

Online retail store selling 90% shoes, 10% apparel and accessories. Variety of brand names ranging from Nike/Adidas to higher end products such as Lacoste/Hugo Boss.

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  • About #1 Hi danielsaig Welcome to DC... Here is my first entry mocking a shoe lace in the shape of a crown to represent empire.. hope that I'm leaning the right direction.. If you don't mind please update the brief in little more details ... So that we can come up with better designs Best Regards
    • I like where you're going with it, but I want a more sophisticated, bolder look. But the shoelace crown idea is definitely cool so try building off that, as well as any other ideas you have in mind so you're not too focused on just the crown. I don't really like the font either, I want it to stand out a little more. As far as being more specific with the details, what are you looking for? Details on the logo itself or more on the business? I don't know what I'm looking for exactly with the logo itself that's why I left the details kind of vague. But I hope the feedback I left you helps! Thank you

    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback.... and it really helps... I will surely come up with this IDEA in a refined manner and some new IDEAS Best Regards

    • Hi Daniel... #76 is my new concept with the initials E & S Best Regards

  • Dear Sir view my entries #19 #20 #21 and feedback. thanks
  • Love the crown! Font is better. Play around with the fonts some more but I definitely like this one a lot.
    • Hi Danielsaig I have submitted a refined version of my previous logo.. #8... with a different font and a little tweak to the lace crown Best Regards

  • your entry is too much like entry 24 using the "M" http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/empire-sneakers/entry/32
  • I like this one too. Can you do one like this without the lines (like you did in the previous two), same font, same alignment with the E's (shifted left), just bring down the crown like you did in #17. Make the background white, with black letters, and the crown red. As well as another one with a black background, white letters, and a red crown. I want to see what those would look like. Thanks!
  • I really like this one! Keep the M crown idea I like the design you made with it, but give me some other options with the font. Although I like the font on this one I just want to see other options as well.
  • Hello Contest Holder, I've uploaded entry #27 where the concept is to use the Empire E on its side as a crown motif. Used a golden palette, to push the idea. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • copying entry 36 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/empire-sneakers/entry/49
  • hi Ch #46 is my design. please have feedback... thanks!
  • Please, do not use watermark (or signature) in submitted designs._ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/empire-sneakers/entry/64/
  • I like this M a lot better. What is the difference between this one and #69? Font boldness?
    • Different is the bottom words. They are not from all the EMPIRE length.

    • I submitted the same logo but with small dots on the crown. You don't like the dots?

    • I like it better without the dots. Or maybe try to make the dots on the ends full circles to see what it looks like.

    • I made the dots on the ends full circles #72. Thanks for feedback.

    • I done one more design with different M letter #74.

  • Bonjour, Hello, may you make me an evaluation please ? ty sir, merci. #83