Endangered Landscapes Programme

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Project description

We need a logo for the "Endangered Landscapes Programme". 

We are an environmental programme that aims to restore ecological processes, biodiversity and habitats to landscapes, for the benefit of nature and people and for a better and more sustainable future. 

We work in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative, hopeful and exciting manner. 

We primarily work with those involved in landscape restoration (NGOs, academia, community groups), policy & decision-makers and donors. The programme will also reach out to all those affected or with influence over landscapes – landowners, businesses and the general public.

We attach examples of what we like / don't like, but key points of the logo are as follows:

  1. Minimal, simple and modern
  2. Needs to be bold, and to stand out  - we don’t want another logo with just blue & green like many environmental logos.
  3. Be optimistic and hopeful – possibly using a yellow / orange
  4. Displays / uses the title of the programme
  5. Works well in landscape, portrait and avatar formats
  6. Pick up to 3 colors from our color palette (see attached document) including black and white.
  7. Use Helvetica font for any text

For more details - including logo examples - please see the attached document.

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  • landscape with river #223
  • New design, the three bold lines represents a modern "E" letter. #217
  • added "sun" and keeping to 3 specified colors #216
  • I picked two colors from the pallete in this concept. #213
  • This is a more accurate color selection, acording the palette on the briefing. Both horizontal and vertical choices. The rounded shape on the icon allow it to easley use it as an avatar. #212
  • This is the landscape version of the previous design. #210
  • This is a different concept, more symbolic, still modern and very powerful and eyecatching from my point of view. It represents a very healthy tree in the green part and the negative space part for the danger landscapes are running right now. Same with the colors, green for health and yellow for precaution or danger. #205
  • inline white line #204
  • Hi, great day and thanks for the invite. I wanted to create a simple icon here, and its an abstract landscape with the yellow mountains and the blue sky, separated for a inclinated "E" initial letter shape. I hope you like this idea, any feedback always welcome, thanks. #202
  • Hello @nickaskew ,
    Please check #201
  • Please advice my design, to increase my logo #198
  • Please check thank you :) #190
  • About #171, @carloszantua can you put the red foregound in as per #159 please?
  • About #162, @Herbert Nordal thanks! We're not sure how this would work on a white background with the border?

    Perhaps you could try a white inset border where the colours pull through like #161 ?

    Or try a grey border?
  • About #161, @cloudberry Can you show us how this might look in a landscape format please?
  • About #163, @cloudberry can you make the word programme the same as the other two? And align them both sides?
  • About #171, @carloszantua can you also use the text landscapeS
  • About #171, @carloszantua can we also try with bigger birds, and no birds?
  • About #171, @carloszantua thanks for the changes. Can we try without the tree please.
  • About #178, @creativenaz can you change the font to Helvetica please? And align the text, making all the words of equal weighting. Can you also make the green at the bottom from the suggested colours please?