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Winning design #373 by navneet203, Logo Design for HomeHero Contest
Gold Medal

designed by navneet203

Project description


We are a service based on text messages for UK homes. Users send us messages and we advise them on their use of energy (electricity and heating). We help them have a more comfortable home, save money and reduce their carbon emissions.  We also find users the cheapest energy tariffs.  

Users can take photos of any of their home appliances or parts of their central heating or home and send them to us.  We advise them on how much energy each item consumes and how they could use it better.  

We tell people how much money they can save (in £ pounds sterling) and how much carbon emissions they can avoid. Instead of using tonnes or kilograms of carbon dioxide we measure carbon dioxide in 'party balloons' of carbon dioxide.  1 kilogram of CO2 = 100 party balloons of CO2

What we want

We want a cute fun logo that users will send messages to and get replies.  

It should probably be a face based on a phone or a message speech bubble or a home.  

It must look friendly and it should be expressive.

We are open to different styles; -

it could be a cartoon


it look quite digital/advanced (because we are using Artificial Intelligence & Image recognition in the service)

Current logo & example of how our service works
The first images below are of our current logo and how our service works on messaging and example of an ad for a service like ours.

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