Well, I have to say that the overall experience was GREAT. We received over 600 entries for our new logo ENERGYCRATES.COM and really enjoyed the whole process. Very easy to operate and all designers were very responsive. We are already completed a "One on One" and are about to start another Contest for web design.

$475 paid

600 custom designs

178pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #423 by Leen, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Leen

Project description

We need a new logo for our energy drink online distribution company, called "Energy Crates". Our motto is "Fuel Your Soul". We want the logo to be progressive & fresh for the demographic of 14 to 40.

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      This logo is laconic and it will be useful in all types of advertisement, including logo animation.
      Logo uses sharp angles to show the sense of brutality. Also logo conforms to modern tendencies. Thanks to that "Energy Crates" logo will save it actuality for many years.
      I was interested to participate in this contest and really like the idea of the project. I was enjoying working on it and also have ideas for visual identity design which could really help you out with business in future.

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