England Road Gift Co.

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England Road Gift Company is a gift selection and delivery service that connects generations by providing solutions that make it easy for younger generations to create meaningful connections with more mature generations.

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  • England Road Gift Co. #509
  • Dear Sir
    Please check it. Thanks #497
  • Dear Sir
    Please check it. Thanks #496
  • Can you make the bow look more like a box on a gift package and not a bow tie? #473
    • @kri_kin , thanks for feedback. i'll update it asap. just let me know if you need something to change. regards

  • Hi, Here is your Design, Hope you like this I will give you: Unique Design , High Resolution , Express Service , Print Ready File , Ai, EPS, AI, PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG , PSD (as per your requirement ) if you like this & if you have any kind of changes please tell me any time i will try to my best. Thanks .
  • Hi,
    I'm sorry but I could not upload the revisions.
    Is there a no way to submit a updated design that contest holder had requested after the contest expires, because the link to upload disappears.
    Please check my designs #463, #464. Thank's very much.
  • About #405, @Gigi
    Hi - I really like this design. Could you please try a few more versions with a different bow? The bow is the only part of the design that I do not like. I like a nice soft natural asymmetrical bow. Maybe make it look like the box is a gift box. The ends of the box could rest on top of the box. Thanks!
  • Hi, Please check my concept .. and hope you give feedbback to me. Thank's very much

    Regards of me
    LogoPol17 #449
  • Feedback Please #446
  • Hi, Please check my concept.. and hope you give feedback to me, Thank's very much

    Regards of me
    LogoPol17 #441
  • how about this? #436
  • the logo with the initials E and R resembles a gift form adding a road symbol representing a road gift #433
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. Thanks #430
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. Thanks #429
  • Icon gift + Letter E + Negative space R (road) #425
  • Simple design #423
  • Please check my logo and give feedback for a satisfactory result... #417
  • Feel free to contact me for any kind of change. #412
  • i hope you would like my design .... #407
  • i hope you would like my design #397