Englewood Church Logo Redesign

Overall great experience. Communication tools could be a bit better.


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Winning design #97 by bysaule, Logo Design for Englewood Church Logo Redesign Contest
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designed by bysaule

Project description

We are in the process of rebranding our church. Our current look can be viewed at http://englewoodchurch.org. Our goal is to rebrand with a more modern and clean look. I'm a huge fan of Hillsong's logo (hillsong.com) as it is modern, clean and simple. We are a multi-campus church that reaches the city as well as the suburbs. Our desire is to appeal to those not in church, so heavy use of church imagery is not necessary or really desired. We want to be modern yet not sterile.

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  • Hello ch.... #13....#14... waiting for your feedback....
    • Hey, thank you for your submissions. They weren't what we are looking for. However, I updated the brief to be more specific and to show some logo ideas that we like. Hopefully that'll help clarify things.

  • We're looking for a completely new design and not necessarily anything with the leaf. While I do like the hillsong logo, we don't want to just copy it with some text in a circle. It was used an example of what we appreciate and the modern take we want.
  • The font choice and embossing is not good.
  • Like the other entry, I'm not a fan of this font used. It doesn't feel modern or even current.
  • I don't like the fonts used. Not a fan of the oval and the stitching. It looks very old-school and not modern.
  • The fonts used are not good.
  • Too "churchy". We specifically don't want that.
  • Yes, I like the modern approach. More like this, please!
  • Could you do a version of this with an E C in the graphic? I like this but our pastor is wanting something where a graphic could stand alone and not just the full logo with text. Does that make sense?
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. I took the font choice into consideration with this new entry #43. I think the loose font gives the logo more life. Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Ben
  • I thought changing the font would help. This still feels a bit "1980's bowling alley" to me and not a modern church. Hopefully that makes sense. It just feels dated.
  • The graphic element (stained glass leaf) is ok but seems like it needs something I can't quite put my finger on. The font and layout of the text doesn't appeal to me. We would also need something we could do horizontal and vertical layout with.
  • The emblem portion of this doesn't feel substantial enough. Not a huge fan of the fonts used and the spacing seems too spread out.
  • I like this. You guys are starting to make my job hard :D
  • Hello Contest Holder. I have submitted my new design #37. Please look at it and thanks for any feedback.
  • Not a fan of the fonts. overall this doesn't feel very modern.
  • My feedback on this would be the same as the last. This seems more like a design than a logo. If you do submit anything else, you might take a look at the design ideas in the brief to help you.
  • Fonts used are not good. Very old-school. Plain. A bit boring?
    • Okay, sorry you thought that. How did you feel about the icon

  • Please review #33. I incorporated a cross in the calligraphic E, so that it's there but not in your face there. I hope you like this design. I enjoyed making it. Please let me know if you would like to see changes. God bless.
    • I think I beat you to the punch a bit. I didn't care for the fonts used. The overall feel of it was plain and didn't strike me as being very modern. Thank you for the submission!

  • I like it.