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Winning design #322 by baburao, Logo Design for Enqyre Contest
Gold Medal

designed by baburao

Project description

We are looking for a logo that encompasses the essence of our business and unique approach to combining research and advertising on college campuses. We help businesses to reach out to college students while getting students more involved with the community. We conduct peer-to-peer market research on campus by hiring students to survey their peers on topics related to our clients. Based on the responses gathered, we analyze the data to consult our client on action items to improve their business. Once we help the client decide on their next steps based on our research, we can advertise any initiatives directly to students on campus. Our student representatives, who live on campus, post ads for us on their dorm room doors where exposure and visibility are high. The ads are very relevant to students because our recommended initiatives have already been qualified by the market research.

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  • #16 what do you think? It can be in Many colors with no problem. The Q can be an icon too if isolated. Q Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Please tell me what you think about the Icon in #20. The arc's can represent information you get , and how using it will affect the people who gave you the marketing information. Regards, Creativitron
  • Hi CH, Ill work really hard to make an Icon.. I feel the icon will be the most important part. Ill start working right away. Thank you.
  • #1: I wonder how the logo would look with more of a blue/silver combination. Also, do you have any ideas for an icon to pair with the text. I like the extra flair next to the "e" but how about something like the Zipcar example I mentioned in my other post.
  • #13: The company is spelled "Enqyre". I know it's improper spelling, but that's what I got, lol.
  • Sounds good. I will attempt to make a clearer connection market research or advertising. Thanks!
  • #7, I like the clean look, but I think it might be a little too simplistic because the cycle icon could be interpreted as representing a recycling company or something. It's not necessarily tied to market research or advertising to me. Maybe elaborating on the icon portion a bit to tie into market research more clearly?
  • The designs I've seen so far look really good, but I am still hoping to see something really creative that grabs my attention. It's really anybody's game at this point because I'm still not set on any particular design that I've seen so far. I'd like to pair the text with something iconic that encompasses the core of the business and makes it easier for a viewer to get an idea of what we do. Our company's service is a pretty evangelical sell, and I need a logo that will help to get both prospect clients and college students to buy in. Since we are a marketing/advertising company, I'd like to have a logo that looks great horizontally as the header to my website. In addition, I would love to take a piece of the design to use on all of our promotional products and ads. For instance, Apple, Inc. has their clean text in addition to the icon apple shape that is recognizable around the world. Zipcar is another great example of what I love about logos. They use a great, clean font type and also have their circular icon with a "Z" with wheels. That's the kind of ingenuity I'm looking for. I will continue actively commenting on the designs I see, until I find one that nails it! Thank you so much for all of your effort so far designers!
  • About #7: Hi CH, thank you for you rating. Is there anything that you would like me to modify or try?
  • Dear Ch, Ok.. Ill try different color schemes and try to add an illustration using white space that effectively represents your company. Regards
  • I tend to like blue, black, white, and gray for colors, but I'm definitely open to seeing different things. I'm a big fan of using negative space effectively and illustrating the importance of asking questions in our business model, as well as, analytics, research, and advertising.
  • Hi CH, Thank you for the feedback on #1. Is there any changes in color or anything else you would like me to try. Thank you, Creativitron
  • I have a website that's still in production, but you can see what kind of colors and icons I'm using to get started. I also explain the company a little more as well. http://www.enqyre.com.
  • Can you provide some more information on what your looking for. Maybe a CO. Name and maybe a slogan your thinking of or some colors. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hello, please check out my design #135, newly created design, look forward to your feedback.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Kindly check my concept design #125.. Thank you.!
  • is it a good idea if you blind the contest sir? b(>_')d
  • Hey Marvel, I already submitted a concept using a magnifying glass as the Q. Why it is important to look at previous entries and comments from the CH or fellow designers. Nice design though!...but concept already used...
  • Hi Please leave feedback for my design #88 focusing on your stand alone logo. something different and memorable. Using a simple question mark within the E for an unsual shape.
  • Dear CH, About #84 and #85 For #84 I created a magnifing glass using the "Q" in (ENQYRE) The blend of blues create a glow, which illustrates discovery... For #85 The Logo is shown on dark background, white text... The symbol bellow can represent the magnifying glass as well as "Q" for (Questions Answered) Whatever you like... your company does peer to peer research, lots of Questions asked... I hope this helps, Will make any revisions necessary... Thanks, Marvel :)