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Winning design #150 by lisbongraphics, Logo Design for ENRGFIT Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lisbongraphics

Project description

Company Logo- Our brand personality is- knowledgeable, credible, flexible, creative, visionary, savvy, consultative, trusted, valuable, doctor- like, probing. We evaluate our clients energy fitness and prescribe the best possible energy and lighting solutions. Our tag line is " your energy fitness partners". No light bulbs or lightning bolts please.

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  • feedback on my entry, #6 please. let me know what should be improved or if it's already perfect. thanks, ktrill.
  • Hi CH, present their version of logo #77, stylized letter "E" motion Ñ”nergii. Thank you!
  • ari1, I see you are online, I would appreciate feedback on my entry #6 please. tell me your opinion, so I can create the design you are looking for.
  • Sorry, I seemed to have misunderstood the industry of your business. Please eliminated my entries #36, #37, #38 if they don't fit the field. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, please elaborate on what your company does. Brief is mediocre and it is unclear for us what is all about. Thanks.
    • our brief is mediocre? we are an energy consulting company specializing in LED Lighting and energy procurement, as well as energy monitoring solutions. is english your first language, because your message is insulting?

    • I am sorry, my English is a second language. I didn't mean to be rude at all. But the Brief lacks the info. Thank you for clarifications. Sorry again.

  • Hi CH, logo #77, sorry, but I do not quite understand what went wrong? :)
    • I think that was meant for me. I'm the only 1 who didn't have the "G" on the design. Good design by the way,

  • Hi CH, Thank you for your rating on #84 and is there anything else you'd like me to do to my logo that could possibly increase that rating? Thanks, Kind Regards, Peter.
  • you forgot the G in ENRGFIT - can you resubmit
  • Hello CH, could you please provide feedback for design #144. Thank you :)
  • GJR
    your design is found to be an exact copy of this design: source:http://www.mycroburst.com/drafts/display/contest/129172/draft/c49b8c45beb4c4e99c8225ac9939653f1014871 entry:http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/enrgfit/entry/43/
  • @ CH for info of #43 this logo is sold on mycroburst.com in july 2011 and buyer creates its broucher project and upload the vector files of it. This designer just download the vector file and used it here.....very creative. winning logo link: http://www.mycroburst.com/drafts/display/contest/129172/draft/c49b8c45beb4c4e99c8225ac9939653f1014871 BROUCHER PROJECT LINK: http://www.mycroburst.com/contests/wellness-clinic-2-brochures-and-educational-handout-templates
  • Hi CH! About #76, I apologize for the missing "G". Thank you for generously rating my work, it means a lot. Submitted #116 with different font style. Let me know if you like the logo or needs to be modified or incorporate something. Have a nice day!
  • hi can u feedback my entry #29 to know what i do thanks
  • Hi CH! :) Please check my revised entry of my logo. #110 Thanks, Kind Regards, Peter.
  • Hello CH I've submitted two design #205 & #206 Skewed effect means energic. The 3 bar small to large, means progress. difference between 205 & 206 #205 have simple design with more readable tag line. #206 have a bit complex design, with blue drop shadow, and less readable tag line.
  • Dear Ari, I submit #207 and #212 for your new logo. It is "YOUR ENER-G TO WIN!" Hopefully you like it. I look forward for your early feedback and directions to make my designs better and suit your style. Regards, Dj
  • Hello CH, please take a look at #210. I used the T in ENRGFIT to create a lamp. This plays on the idea of "energy company" without relying on an outer symbol. I hope you enjoy. I can make changes to it if you would like also.
  • HI CH, please see my entry #203. simple, modern and luxury... hope you like it please let me know if there something you want me to change, thank you...
  • Hi, please check #201 and #202, and let me know any feedback. hope you like it.
  • hi submit new design #176 please feedback wish u like it :)