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Winning design #1043 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for Entrool.com | Entrepreneurship School Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mehsugeh

Project description

Entrool.com is website that will have educational, coaching and motivational content. 

I like the colors of New York Institute of Technology and Columbia University. 

Here are their websites: 


It would be nice to implement both those university colors (3 different colors) in the logo. 

So I would like a Woodmark logo (like Facebook and Yahoo) for the word "Entrool". 

I would also like the words "Entrepreneurship School" to be part of the logo. Basically I want to have the choice to use only the Woodmark logo or the both the logo and the wording. 

I would like the wording to resemble the fonts Columbia University (do not want exact same though). 

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