Environmental Policy Innovation Center

Great creativity among designers and satisfied with the final logo. However, first round top pick ended up being copied from another designed. In the second week, the same thing happened with the top design I was going to choose. These examples of plagiarism create a longer term problem for the utility of designcontest. Another concern is that designers can see each other's work and early ratings which has some benefits but also eliminates future creative designs. Would prefer a 3-day window where designers can only see a random set of 5 other designers work and ratings before the whole thing becomes visible. That would allow real creativity to bloom among smaller pools of designers before all became visible.

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Winning design #317 by Johnydli, Logo Design for Environmental Policy Innovation Center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Johnydli

Project description

This is a logo designed for use on a website, business cards and reports that is appropriate for a small non-profit charity that develops innovative solutions to environmental challenges in the United States, mostly focused on water, habitat, wildlife.  It deals with complex issues like for-profit conservation called "conservation finance" which is the business side of environmental work; and deals with innovative policy that will help get the latest technology and software put to use to benefit freshwater supplies, clean water, and healthy ecosystems.  The group is focused on markets/ free market approaches.

Examples of similar organizations include

Emphasis of the name is on the word 'innovation' or 'policy innovation';
the logo cannot be focused around the acronym 'EPIC' which is already in use by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, although graphics that elicit connection to things that are 'epic' or 'innovative'

(Emphasizing the point above - please do not use EPIC in your design submission.)

5/14 - An update ... I like a lot of the designs, but if you have ideas that don't involve lightbulbs or trees, please submit as we are still not set on those as ideal.  In particular, if you have ways to use graphics that invoke markets (think carbon market, trading, investment, etc.) please share but we know that is a tough lift compared to nature themes. 

A few appealing logos:
Not the image but the way they captured the word 'empower' in this one https://cdn.spellbrand.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/empower-foundation-logo.jpg
In the words "environmental policy innovation center" emphasis (bigger words, stronger color, stronger font) should always be on 'innovation' (1st choice) or 'policy innovation' (tied 2nd choice) or 'innovation center' (tied 2nd choice) and never on 'environmental'

5/22 update - please keep in mind that the fonts will need to be readable when on a business card; 'environmental' not 'enviromental;'  top 6-8 designs from the first week are ranked as such. 

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  • Like this but its better to minimize the number of fonts... prefer all three smaller words in the same font size and color as "environmental policy" #659
    • Hello sir, I wanna talk to you about my entry no. #450. Please give a private massage. Cheers...

    • Sorry for late to reply. I am suffering catch-cold.
      I understand what are you saying but unfortunately the new logo submission time has expired. Can you please tell me how can i show you update logo. The logo is ready to show you. Thanks

    • @nabdullah no outside of contest contact allowed. You can submit new if client decided to extend the contest Thank you

    • @sharie Sorry for mistake.

  • Can you show this with graphic on the first rather than second O? #624
    • @timothymale

      About #624, @johnwick2011

      ok design is ready the graphic in place of the first O (instead of second O). Also, I have made the next design that is made in black and white. #624 but I can't upload design because Submit design process is Expired. Maybe you understand my point

      Thank you

    • @timothymale About #624, @johnwick2011 I have made the next design that is made in black and white. and the graphic in place of the first O (instead of second O) ALL DESIGN IS READY #624 but I can't upload design because Submit design process is Expired. Maybe you understand my point Thank you

    • @johnwick2011 Thank you. If your design is selected, we can work with this during the final back and forth. We should have a decision in the next 36 hours.

    • Either you select me winner. Then I can send files to you Thank you

  • About #659, @fridaybless itry show this design with the graphic moved to the first O
  • Need to see this on white background. #450
  • maybe like this one sir
    ? #659
  • How about this one sir ? #658
  • maybe like this one sir ? "center" moved to the right, at the end of the line #657
  • Can you share a version of this with the graphic in the first O rather than second? #639
  • Can you show the same design but with the graphic in place of the first O (instead of second O). Also, please share in black and white? #624
  • Dear @timothymale ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #636
  • Hopefully pleased. #626
  • feedback please #598
  • feedback please #597
  • please review and give me feedback sir :) thanks #584
  • how about this? #579
  • how about this?feedback me please? #577
  • how about this? #575
  • The smaller words could be slightly bigger and a slightly darker gray. On all designs, concerned about readability on business card. #570
  • Is there a way to make the three smaller words bigger? Worried they will not show up on a business card. #99
  • I like this one. Please share a black and white as well. Also, if there a font treatment that has the crossbar on the A? Would prefer a slightly darker green and font size for the small words that is slightly larger - keep in mind this has to be completely readable in the corner of a business card. #452