Envisage Hawaii

I really enjoyed this experience. Such a fun process. I loved being part of it and seeing all the options and different perspectives. I love the end result and it was so worth it!

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Winning design #44 by nrodger, Logo Design for Envisage Hawaii Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nrodger

Project description

Large Scale Photography business aimed at interior designers, real estate and home owners with a coastal modern design aesthetic.  All photos will be taken of Hawaii landscapes, but then edited in photoshop to look simple with muted tones.  Images will be blown up primarily on canvas  20 x 30 and larger.

I like tones of grey, taupe, white, and teal.  I have attached a mock-up of a few things I did on my phone as ideas.  The first box is my favorite, but please don't feel the need to copy this, would love to see anything that is modern and has a simple hawaii feel.  I do love the look of a swaying palm tree though.  So incorporating that is something I think I want.  

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  • Hi thanks for all you hard work. Yours was my second choice.
  • I uploaded another design #74 without roof. Hope you like it. Please feedback. thank you..
  • I uploaded design #73. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • hello anabanana,
    I uploaded new design #72. I designed palm tree camera. Hope you like the idea. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • #Hi anabanana,
    I post the design #71. I designed different tree and camera. I hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you...
  • Hi anabanana, thanks for the positive feedback once again. I have uploaded #58 and #59 with a lighter grey and one with the palm tree off centered. Let me know what you think. Thanks again.
  • hello anabanana,
    I update new design #56. What do you think? Hope you like the palms tree. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • Ok let me know what you think of #54. Removed the hair. lol.
    • About #54, @sikdesigns much better. haha. can you try that tree off center? it might not balance out right but I'm curious how it would look over to the right, even if some of the side branches are cut off. but i am really liking this. looks really classy and finished.

  • Hi anabanana, I have uploaded #51, #52 and #53 with a more realistic palm tree. I have also included one with the Hawaii in all lowercase for your review. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks again and as always your feedback is appreciated.
  • Hello anabanana,
    I uploaded new design #50. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • About #48, @odamalcse I love the creativity on this one and it is really cool. Its a little edgy for me though. I want something really simple and modern. thank you! :)
  • Hi there,

    Please see designs #44 #45 and #46 for the changes you requested. #44 is the same as design #12 but with a slightly lighter gray for "hawaii". #45 is all lowercase, I tried to replicate the format of the uppercase as closely as possible but couldn't make hawaii too much bigger without throwing off the balance. #46 is a bolder and slightly rounded font, also has more of a focus on "envisage". Let me know what you think!
  • i like this concept but it is just too corporate looking and doesn't speak hawaii to me. any ideas for doing some palm branches coming in from a corner but not the whole tree? #26
  • I like these trees. Can you see one that is outside of the circle on its own with a white background?
  • I like the idea with the three different colored trees, but i don't love the circle sand patch at the bottom of the trees. i know it makes it look more finished, but it just looks like every other palm tree graphic to me and I would like it to look more realistic.
  • Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

    Please see designs #32 #33 and #34 for the revisions you requested. #32 is the san-serif all caps logo, spaced out with a slightly lighter gray for "hawaii". #33 is all lowercase, and #34 I used a loose script font.

    Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like me to make any further changes. Thanks!
  • thanks for feedback,this update #29
  • thanks. i see the sun concept, but i don't want orange. can i see one tree back to my color choices in a different way? #21
  • my entry #22 more like a palm tree thanks
    • @sajid2032 can i see a totally different palm tree?