Enzo, logo for a young karting champ'

It is the third time I am using design contest and I really recommend it, I was proposed a lot of different style of design and found the one that matches my expectations.

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Winning design #88 by anatomic, Logo Design for Enzo, logo for a young karting champ' Contest
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designed by anatomic

Project description

Enzo is a 6 years old karting driver/racer. He is very talented and already part of a racing kid program We would like to market his name better to get more sponsor because karting is an expensive sport. The idea would be to create a logo around his name - ENZO - that we will then use to do stickers for his karting and helmet, embroidery for his racing gears, printing, on his website, facebook page etc... The logo can be created just with the 4 letters ENZO, giving for example a nice shape, or it can be ENZO + a very simple logo that reminds racing. For the colors, he loves silver/grey/reflective grey + green fluorescent like the color used by the brand "Monster", as well as white, black and reflective blue. It is very opened!/

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  • can you try with a different color for the top part of the E You can try vivid/fluorescent green or blue - thanks
    • Hi CH, thank you so much for the feedback. i'll do some changes that you like.

  • thanks it looks nice. Can you try without logo, with a silver surrounding and with a fluorescent green line somewhere? (fluorescent green and silver match pretty well) thanks
    • Tnx for your feedback.I'll do the changes.Best regards!

  • thanks, can you try with the ENO in black and Z in fluo green Keep the edge in silver
    • Hi CH, i will also do some changes for this design. Thank you so much again for the feedback.

    • Hi CH, I just uploaded the newly revised designs that you requested #46 #47. I hope you like it. if you need some changes just let me know. thank you so much.

    • Thanks, you are working in the right direction. Can you continue to work on design 46?

    • yes of course. you like to have a color variations of it? or any modifications?

    • you can keep the same colors just try to try different variation with the shape. Thanks

  • thanks, The green line is not working, can you try without.
    • Hello again CH, Okay, it's done, no more green line :)

  • hello and thanks Can you try without the flag (keep the lines) Try Enzo in silver and the line below the name in fluorescent green. Also try same combinaison but with Enzo in black thanks again
    • hello CH, it's done and thank you very much for the feedback. -MB-

  • Dear CH, Please give me feedback on #32. Do you want any color changes? Let me know. Thanks Akash Stephen
    • |--|

      akashstephen {*wrote*}:
      Dear CH, Please give me feedback on #32. Do you want any color changes? Let me know. Thanks Akash Stephen
      |--| Hello and thanks for your work. I don't think you took the right direction though. Try a font more simple, keep silver and try to include some vivid green inside Thanks again

    • Thanks for your feedback.I'll do it. Thanks Akash Stephen

  • hello and thanks. I am looking for something for serious and maybe simple Thanks again!
  • hello CH.. hope your feedback about my entry #28.. thx n regards
  • Hello and thanks, can you try the 3rd logo (with N and O black) with a green more close to the green from the brand "monster' (energy drinks) Thanks
  • the Green is still too pale. Can you try something more flashy and one version with only the top of the Z and top of the E in green and the other version with the full E and the full Z in green. Thanks
    • Yes,of corse,I'll do that and I'll sent you soon.Best regards!

    • Hello! I sent you three suggestions with different shades of green(#71,#72,#73).Hope you like it! Greetings!

  • the version of the bottom looks nice. The green is ok now... Can you try propose 3 version of it, 1. the original (the one of the bottom) 2. one without the round surrounding, 3. one with 3 fading black lines after the O of Enzo - Thanks
    • Ok,I'll do the changes and I'll sent you as soon as possible! Tnx for your feedback!

    • Here are 3 versions,as you wished (#88,#89,#90).I hope you like it. Await your response. Best regards!

    • very nice!

    • Thank you! If you have any suggestions,please write and I'll do the changes! Greetings!

  • Our champ' likes monster style, so maybe we should aim rather in design like #74? :)
  • hi contest holder, thanks for the opportunity. i've submitted #119, #121, #123 and #124 for the young karting champion. pls check out and comment if they deserve. thanks.
    • Hello and thanks for your work. It's nice but we prefer something maybe more simple. Type "nico rosberg helmet" on google and see the way NICO is on the side of his helmet. This is that kind of indentity we want to create! Thanks

    • hello thanks for your feedback. i've submitted #145 and #146 and i hope it'll work for your requirement. thanks.

  • can you move the Z clockwise?, It looks nice but we have difficulty to identify the full name
    • Thanks for the fast feedback. I changed it a little and rotated it so it looks a bit easier (#127).

  • I would love some feedback on entry #122. i have many ideas for the design, but i like this one alot.
  • could you display the black only + black only and green surrounding, I like the font very much
  • Hi CH! #81 #82 #83 #84 #85 Logos with custom made characters, in frame. On bottom of the images you can check the logo subversions. Cheers! :)
  • Hi and thanks for your work. As much as I love this design (it might be my favorite here actually) I can't rate it due to it's big similarity with #88 design. Won't be fair for this designer.
    • Hi! Tiny differences: "O" character and inner curves.