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Winning design #98 by ghdesign13, Logo Design for Epic Aerials Contest
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designed by ghdesign13

Project description

Our company name is: "EPIC AERIALS". We provide low altitude HD aerial video and photography for tv commercials, films, and documentaries. We consider ourselves the elite of what we do in the industry and really want our logo / brand to carry the same feeling. Can be a silhouette of helicopter or multi copter with letters. I prefer something simple. The logos that look good in one color are best for me.

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  • Hello! I have submitted Entry #4, and would love to hear your thoughts/changes you might suggest. Thanks!
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      seegor {*wrote*}:
      http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/epic-aerials/entry/74/ You have used clipart which is not allowed http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-8732626/stock-vector-silhouette-a-helicopter-vector-illustration.html
      |--| I did not pull that image and use it, I used it for a guideline when I drew the helicopter, that is all. I could send you my vector file so you could see. It was only a reference. I promise I never took the photo from iStock.

  • Hello, I have submitted entry's #73 and #74 and would love your input. I hope you have a wonderful day! - Caitlin
  • HI CH, I make a new design for you #66 i hope you like it and if you want any edit on it please advice me thanks, slaoma
  • Design #50 Hello this design is a symbol of a helicopter from a top view with with the letters E and A forming the rotors
  • This one is really growing on me!
  • I like the body of the heli. Can you work on a better font for "Epic Aerials"?
  • This one is kinda of cool... Doesn't feel quite there yet. I don't know what else to tell you to do with it. Also we do need to incorporate the wording "Epic Aerials" in addition with the icon. Plus the icon reminds you of one of the cheap ones you can by in the mall.
  • #21 the icon represents rotating blades stylized as camera's shutter...
  • More feedback... I want to re-stress that we are the ELITE at what we do. These machines we put in the air cost ALOT of money and have state of the art technology, they are not toys. To top it off we have real pilots and master cinematographers / photographers operating the controls. We want our new logo and brand to reflect that. Thx!
  • We've upped the prize amount :) Thanks for your efforts so far!
  • Hi CH, Submitted my design #9, #10 & #11, hope you like the concept. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
    • So far I'm leaning towards these. Mainly because of your fonts. I'm not crazy about the icons. I like #9 the best. Maybe try a top view of a helicopter. Were planning on giving away a lot of t-shirts for clients with these logos and want it to look so cool that people beg us to get one of our t-shirts. We've upped the prize amount in hopes everyone tries harder. Thanks

  • I kind of like this but thought it was a briefcase when I first saw it. Took a little bit to realize it was a camera.
  • I've shown it around to a few people, and here's some feedback. After them pointing it out I agree. The shutter blades look more like a life raft. Can we sharpen them up more? Like the blades on #84? Also can we get the font more bold? Were afraid it wouldn't print well. Let me know, Tx
    • Heres the edit CH, pls check design entry #96.. I adjusted the shutter blades and font weight.

    • Finestroke, I really like your design #96. Well Done!

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      scfinnerty {*wrote*}:
      Finestroke, I really like your design #96. Well Done!
      |--| Thank you scfinnerty! Good luck and more power to your designs.

  • Hello. My work is #102. I'm excited for this one. Would love some feedback. Thank you for your time.
    • #172 have some changes. I thinks simplicity is key. Please tell me what you think

  • Design #166 Hello, here is a simple design with a camera lens icon that also symbolises the rotors of a helicopter with a play button inside... please let me know what you need.
  • Hello, I have submitted #147. Would love some feedback, thanks for your time.
  • Hi CH, #146 is my revised submission, if i could get some feedback that would be great! Zdmikol
  • the art is found here http://www.iteccaracatuba.com.br/sites/itecc/_images/ipc.png
  • Hi CH, I submitted #145 for your feed back, greatly appreciated!
  • Hi, could you give me some feedback on entries #109 and #110 please :) and thank you for your time