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Winning design #155 by Elle88, Logo Design for EPSG Light Bulb Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elle88

Project description

Hello Designers.  Here’s another EPSG logo contest. We are in need of a logo for our SmartApp product.  What we are looking for is a lightbulb filled with blue electricity with the small EPSG cube in the center (not large). I have added 2 purchased stock images to brief to give you all an idea.  We would like the blue electricity to look like coming from the small cube in the center and radiating through the cube with one small stand of lightning coming down touching the “@” sign and making it glow slightly.  The “@” on the bulb base will be the same teal as in our logo which I uploaded as well to the brief.  The base of the bulb will be silver.  Thank you.


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  • Hi
    Sir this is your logo
    I can edit it,
    And I'm the app maker
    I can make the app for you
    Goodbye. #159
  • Hi
    Sir this is your logo
    I can edit it,
    And I'm the app maker
    I can make the app for you
    Goodbye. #158
  • Cord cooler looking in this one. #155
  • @matthewbyron1969. Cord plugged into the power board. #154
  • @matthewbyron1969. Done as requested. #150
  • please check this one & feedback please #144
  • another option please check this one #140
  • as per your request please check & let me know if you need any changes thanks #135
  • Hi elle. can we do a version with a capital S in smart and capital A in app also. Also can you wrap the cord into the "e" and make it teal blue. Thanks.
  • Hi. Please change this to an open sans font. Also can we make the power cord a little cooler. Last lets see a version like 125 with the powered by boxed out. Thanks #132
  • Please add a capital S to smart and a capital A to app. Also make the plug go into the p on powered by like some previous entries. #125
  • With the latest changes, font less bold, power box lighter in color , switch taken out and spaces between shadow #125
  • NEW FONT! #116
    • @Elle88 Thanks! Can we make it a little less bold? Thanks Elle

  • 1. Make the powered by box a little lighter navy
    2. Make the 2 “p”s on the app a little smaller
    3. Kill the outlet and make the wire come out of the navy box
    4. Add little space between the base of the bulb and the shadow
  • Hi, Here are some new layouts for you. Thank you. #117
  • @matthewbyron1969. Lighter light bulbs. #115
  • Hi 2 versions... #114
  • design updated verson i hope you like this one please check... thanks #112
  • powered 'e' add it for power & electricity icon please check & feedback please #111
  • design updated please check #110