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Excellent choice using design contest. Thrilled with the results. Would recommend them to anyone needing a unique logo with so may talented designers.

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Winning design #69 by Elijah, Logo Design for Equestrian Home Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elijah

Project description

A logo for my new business selling high end, equestrian styled interior products, more casual than Ralph Lauren or Hermes. Target market leans toward female and designers with a passion for horses through dressage, show jumping, polo and all other equine disciplines and a desire for custom interior pieces.

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  • Hi Vanessa, Tried to fix Unicorn in to the logo #17. It is just a try, if you will like the idea, will work hard to make it perfect. Kind Regards...
  • hi CH, can you check my new design #8, feedback please
  • Hi Vanessa, Thanks for your rating. I have a question here... Why the horse? Is this must? Please provide me feedback. Regards...
    • |--|

      navin9949 {*wrote*}:
      Hi Vanessa, Thanks for your rating. I have a question here... Why the horse? Is this must? Please provide me feedback. Regards...
      |--| Hi Navin, my business sells interior design products, cushions, linen, art, anything that is influenced by an equestrian style..ie horses, horse bits, whips, riding boots etc.. They are quality fabrics, photo frames, linen, books, soft furnishings etc They are expensive products. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Vanessa, Design #4 is for your attention. Please provide me feedback, if the design is rather closer to you. It will be must to make it better. Kind Regards...
  • Hi, Ch just uploaded #3. feedback will make the design good.
  • hello CH, could you give me feedback on my design #1
    • Hi need it to look more english/ European. Don't like the purple. Maybe browns/black...

  • Hi vanessa.. Can u please give feedback for #46.Please give ur suggestions to work more on it.Thanks
    • Hi, thank you for your design. I think it is a little too busy.

  • Please do not copy or use clipart in logo design; source: http://image.vector-art-graphics.com/rz_1205x1205/0/c45/Silhouette-Of-Gray-Horse-Foal-For-Equestrian-Design-c453f9.jpg
  • HI HC, i submitted a new design #51 . need your suggestions.... thanks!!!
  • Hi Vanessa, Design #28 & #29 is for your consideration. Please provide me feedback to make my design much better. Kind Regards...
  • Hello vanessa, have uploaded the revision you requested. Thanks, NWDesign82
  • Hi Vanessa, I submitted a design #75 , #84 . Thanks for your feedback.
  • Hi Vanessa. I submitted a new design #68, #69, #72. Thanks for your feedback.
  • hi maam, Greetings! thanks for the ratings.. i hope i can receive a feedback from you ... here are my designs #20 , #30 and #64 .. thanks Kind regards, Kevin Q.
  • Hi I like the style. Is it possible to give me a variation of this in a dark leather brown colout. Thank you.
  • Hi Love the work, was wondering if you could try the horse in black... prefer blacks and browns. Not too much of a fan of the gold. Thank you.