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Winning design #806 by Moenzir_14, Logo Design for Erick Dodge Insurance Agency  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Moenzir_14

Project description

Independent insurance agency offering home auto ,commercial and life insurance. With approximately 30 companies , we shop the market for the best price on any type of insurance.

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    Thank you so much #887
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    Thank you so much #886
  • @Erickdodge hai sir, good morning !, is there anything i still have to do, do not hesitate to ask it to me. thank you #803
  • Simple and Attractive logo using the letters E and D #882
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  • penggunaan bintang di atas huruf "i" itu masalah,Mohon dengan sangat!, #870
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  • Simple, minimal, easy to remember. Colors will attract potential customer. #855
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  • About #803, @Khansa_810 This is probably the winner! Can you try it with a metallic blue as well?
    • @Erickdodge hello, sir! just a notification, if you choose me as the winner, We are given 7 days ahead in the finalization process, there We can make modifications to this design, after everything is done I will provide all the source files of this design, for your needs. Thank you very much.

    • @Erickdodge hi Sir, do you want to finish now, # 803 is ready with metalic blue. Thank you very much.

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  • About #787, @designrealMe hi sir please check my proposal.. thank you so much
  • About #381, @Khansa_810 Hi. I like 803 but before I finalize it , can you move the star to the top on 381, add commercial after life and remove the writing from the bottom? Thanks again