Erin Crawford

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Winning design #121 by Routh, Logo Design for Erin Crawford Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

1. Erin

2. Fit mind | Fit Body | Fit Life, The fit life project

3. This is a place to not only become physically stronger but mentally as well. It will be an online fitness website where you can purchase one off programs or purchase a membership to the site. Where you can learn our to lift weights, get inspired, and eat healthier to really get your mind clear.

4. Burgandy, Navey, Peach ? I am not sure quite yet.

5. Men and Women. Looking to find their strong.

6. Word mark or symbol would be good too.

7. I like her site,,

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  • About #121, @Routh love!
    i think you are the winner... i like a combo of aew of your designs
    • @info235 thank you :)

  • Hello @info235

    Please check this design
    kindly rate
    Thanks #291
  • Let me know your thoughts please! Thank you #289
  • Let me know your thoughts please! Thank you #288
  • Hello @info235

    Check this please you may like
    what's your opinion ?

    Thanks #278
  • providing you with some different color options #272
  • Please check my design,Thank you. #270
  • Hello, thank you for the opportunity to work together! I hope you like this design. Any adjustments or revisions needed, I would be glad to make. look forward to your feedback #269
  • hello CH.
    How do you think about this one ?
    if you need a change or modification of this design please do not hesistate to contact me .
    and I've sent some previous designs.
    hope you are happy with my design.
    Thanks best regards .

    KOebiel. #244
  • Hope you like it, if you have any concern please feedback thanks #206
  • how about this one? #189
  • Hi CH..please check my design.. Thank you :) #176
  • #2 #172
  • I hope u see it #169
  • reflection E and C in the gradient blue #159
  • the concept for this logo is a combination of letters e and c and barbells describes someone who practices and prisai outside describes the results of the exercise. I am open to input from you. will be happy to be a part of you. thank you #157
  • Hi,
    this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs #154
  • With 2 people for symbols, strong men and women.
    Thank you .. #125
  • my be like this #215 #216 #217