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Winning design #42 by Hoffmeyer, Logo Design for Escape Hour Contest
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designed by Hoffmeyer

Project description

Need a logo designed that incorporates one or more of the following: a magnifying glass, a key and/or a clock. Like a more vintage, sophisticated look.

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  • Submitted #6, let me know if you like. I can always add a key and/or magnifying glass into the design. I can also change the text from cursive as well. Thanks.
  • Don't love this color. Thanks.
  • This is interesting. Thank you. A few observations--we are looking for something bolder (thicker lines) and probably a little less swirly. I think it is also too vertical. Perhaps, there is a way to make it more horizontal? Maybe with Escape on top and Hour on bottom and then magnifying glass sideways? Not sure.
  • Thanks. Getting closer. We like to see the first one with Escape above and to the left of the clock (seems to read Hour Escape unless Escape is a little higher or on the same level as hour. And, on the second one we would like to see Hour under Escape.
  • Hello. Thanks for the submission. We need the title "Escape Hour" as part of the logo. Thanks.
  • We don't love these. We are liking 17, 18 & 28. Will analyze a bit more and be back in touch. Thanks.
    • Ok, thanks for the feedback, I will stray away from the border.

    • Submitted #33 with a keyhole and the clock inside the key hole. The keyhole represents exit or escape and just trying to apply the elements you want while keeping it simple. I will continue to explore with different ideas. I also submitted #34 with the magnifying glass with key element like you requested. I moved the handle towards the bottom of the logo so it stands out more. I can also make it more complex if you wish and/or change the teeth style of the key element.

  • seems that it may not be obvious enough that it is a magnifying glass. Perhaps a different style for the handle? Or, maybe somehow making the handle have a key component. Or, maybe instead of the magnifying glass, only have the clock and a key somewhere else? I am also wondering if there needs to be some kind of border around the logo. May add even more pop to it. Thoughts?
    • I can have the magnifying glass over some of the text where inside the glass the text is slightly enlarged and have the clock near the center. I can also make the clock look like a pocket watch with a chain that hangs down and then wraps back up into the text. I wouldn't try adding to many elements as it will clutter the logo. I think a elegant thin border would be a nice touch though. I will play around with it and also submit any ideas you may have as well. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Hello CH. I have submitted #19. I hope it is to your liking. If there is anything you would liked changed, please specify and i'll get right on it. Thanks, Paul. Edit: #21 - I have added a glass texture to the magnifying glass.
  • Looks great. Like this one. I think we like the reflective glass, but need to analyze. Going to have a few people look at these (and a couple of others) to see which one is the front runner at this point. Good work. Thanks!
    • Ok, thanks for your feedback! I can put the reflective glass on any of my submissions. let me know if you need any changes.

  • I think I like a less ornate font. Something cleaner. I do like the clock, but is there a way to make it into a magnifying glass, perhaps? Or, somehow incorporating a key?
    • Submitted #12, #15, and #17. Placed reflective light on the glass of #18. I'm getting clarification from an admin if I can use all three images together. appreciate your feedback and can provide any changes you want. thanks.

  • Something is missing for me here. Not sure what it is. Of the three, I would think the third one would be best, but still not fully loving it. I really like the font of the submission #11 I just received. Not sure you can access this, but maybe it is simply a font issue.
  • Love the font! Don't love the clock.
  • Like this but the key looks too much like a golf flag. Also, can you make the logo bigger?
  • Thanks. Looks good. The only other thing is that the spacing seems different between this and 17. "ESCAPE" is further to the left on this on. Can you have it match #17 in all aspects except have the magnifying glass the way you have it here?
    • Sure thing, do you want both handle lengths on the next submissions?

  • One more thing--can you make the size and spacing of the letters the same as 17/18? It may be that the size of the handle will be fine once you do that. Right now the letters to magnifying glass ratio seems smaller than the other two. Thanks!
    • #37 text enlarged (with reflective glass) #38 Same but witout reflective glass #39 text enlarged along with shortened handle Be sure to let me know of any more changes needed.

  • Hi again. We like this one. Can you make the handle of the magnifying glass a little shorter and take out the reflection on the glass. I happen to like it, but I am being outvoted :)
    • Thanks for the feedback. I will be sure to make those changes for you.

  • Hello! I recently submitted #36. Any suggestions or questions about the design?
  • Hi! Maxis Would you please deliver us a little brief about your company escape hour... It will really help us Regards
  • you can not take the feedback and comments from a designer to the client, yu can use only the feedback directed to you, your entry is based off another designers idea/concept
  • Great. That sounds perfect. Is it possible to provide us with the logo on its own and then one with a black picture frame border around it? We may want to add this for certain items--like maybe our exterior sign. You have been awesome to work with!
    • Do you mean a black border with white/transparent center or just like you see in the preview with the whole background black? Either way is possible.

    • Not sure I know what you mean. I was thinking just a clean border at the edges of the square. Like a picture frame. I think these sometimes give images more pop.

    • Something like this? #44 Except with a see-through background.

    • Yes, perhaps a little thicker and bring up the bottom a little higher to help center the logo a bit better on the name (I know the magnifying glass makes this hard).

    • #45 Ok, centered it more but made a few changes to make it look right because the border was barely touching the handle and kind of hid it. So I brought the border in more, darkened it to make the logo pop more off the border, and gave it that 3d look to go with the text.

    • Like the magnifying glass! Now, can you go back to the one with the thinner line and do the same? It might have been just the centering that bothered me. I like the thicker border, but may want something a little thinner. If we want to sometimes use with the frame and sometimes not, would you be sending both images or do we need to pick one?

    • Just saw this note--I love how you did that.

    • Just noticed--can you add back in the grey background from the one without the border? May like that.

    • I can give you one with and without the border, that's not a problem. So you want a thinner border like the way it is in #45 or just go back to the border of #44?

    • I'd like to see the thinner border of 44 with the magnifying glass like it is in 45, plus add back in the grey background that you had in the previous designs. Does that make sense?

    • Maybe something like this? #46 Short Handle #47 Long Handle