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I decided to use the guaranteed prize and ended up with over 200 designs. Very happy with final result.


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Winning design #161 by kingcap, Logo Design for ESL Lounge - Education Site Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kingcap

Project description

We need a new logo designed for an education site involved with teachers and students of English as a Foreign Language. We are looking for a clean modern design. Things to consider: education 'symbols', especially related to ESL and teaching/learning English. We have a teacher and also a student section so nothing TOO teacherly or studenty as it will look strange on the other part of the site. Things NOT to do: no plays on the word 'lounge'. No armchairs or anything like that. Don't use CAPS. I've just never liked the domain to be written all CAPS...I prefer esl-lounge. I'm flexible on the ".com" being included or not.

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  • Hi CH, Sorry about the caps, didn't know you weren't into that. I have changed my design and hope you like it, it's all about innovation and the brightening of your students and teachers future. Blue is the colour for Security, Trust Worthy, Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Trust, Friendliness, Preservation, Courage. Thanks for your consideration. Peter.
  • The spelling isn't correct, it's ESL Lounge. Don't like caps either. Sorry, not crazy about this design at all.
  • Just added to brief: Don't use CAPS. I've just never liked the domain to be written all CAPS...I prefer esl-lounge. I'm flexible on the ".com" being included or not
  • I have a design I think you might like, can I please have a re-entry? Thanks Peter
    • you can post all you like, no problems.

    • Some of our designers who are at 1-5 levels have limits for entries. But if you like some of designes and designer has no more entries you can rank his entries with 30+ points and he will get the opportunity to upload additional entry for you

    • CH can you do this please? Rate it 30+ and eliminate maybe? I just need to post this one :) Thanks, Peter.

    • OK, I did it.

    • Thanks very much, I'll work on a new design since the one I had wasn't adequate. thanks, Peter.

  • I think this looks better, just not sure a mouse is the best symbol ??
    • Ill have a think and see what I can do, Thanks, Peter.

  • OK, good, really like your original black and white one too. Maybe play with the speech marks so they're not quite so simple.
  • like this too, can't decide between the round and square speech bubble, but happy that it takes up more vertical space compared to earlier variety. I rate this and the square one about even, perhaps play with font size and something to improve it.
  • ok, better, eliminated other two because I don't want black in the E and S letters, so this is better.
  • design is better, but not mad about font, perhaps try with black/silver/#A51818/white colours than others have done?
  • the bubble behind is too small, makes it just look like vibrations of the green one, font is better than #86 but still don't really like.
  • make the speech bubble different, less "shiny" and metallic. I don't think the font works, I like a nice thick font like that, but not crazy about upper case letters EVER!
  • About my entry #96. Why do you eliminate? Just so i have a idea of what you like and dont with the logo. -Victor
    • it's just a bit too simple, I didn't like the font. I eliminate to save your time, don't go down the road of that design because it would be a waste of your time. That's all.

  • think you're the first to come up with blackboard idea, maybe esl would look better written in chalk. I don't think the perspective works, as the writing is straight and the board slopes away.
  • I like how this looks, better now than before, it just looks like a map though.
  • get rid of the 'sun' shading on the books...actually, I don't think the books work. get rid of the orange bits underneath the domain name. Put hyphen into domain name.
  • Dear CH, this is purely my desan #89, revised the design entry #35, I hope CH like, thanks ...
  • interesting concept, execution not good yet. Change font to something similar to #35. Make each colour stripe equal (now, the "L" one is narrower). Move "lounge" left so there's not that huge gap.
    • VGB

      Thank you for your feedback. I have submitted two variants. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • add the hyphen in the domain name. the symbol doesn't work, makes me think of telecommunications. perhaps the "e" becomes an open mouth, person speaking???? might look strange...
  • this is the one I prefer. Can you do it so the symbol on the left is more or less square. Now it's about 2:1 ratio.
  • halloo... CH... I tried to make a redesign, Please check my entri #76 , Thanks