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Winning design #77 by chiko, Logo Design for eStay Hotel Contest
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designed by chiko

Project description

new design for a new hotel

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  • slight modification of design #30
    How about it, randylhuber? #144
  • Here's modification from my previous design #30 with #139 lettering style.
    What do you think, randylhuber? #140
  • how about this new design, randylhuber? #139
  • Hi randylhuber,
    I made print mockup for design #30 with yellow and dark grey colors.

    What do you think? #138
  • About #106, @chiko
  • how ? #109
  • logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #107
  • I really like this, could you do it plain for printed material, not sure colors, either red and gray or yellow and gray. Thank you #77
    • About #77, @randylhuber
      thank you appreciate my designs
      I will try it


    • About #77, @randylhuber
      please check my work
      thank you

  • like this? #104
  • We have designed the logo using your requirements,Let us know your comments on it.we have included an app icon as well.Thanks #82
  • please checked,thanks #56
  • please checked,thanks #52
  • please checked,thanks #49
  • my 2nd design.
    combination of letter e and location pin.

    How about it, randylhuber? #30
    • @callodia Thank you for your entries. I think both #29 and #30 have great potential. I love the idea of the location pin.

  • 4th design.
    Same concept as my 3rd design (two letter e arrangement which looks like letter S)

    What do you think, randylhuber? #32
  • 3rd design.
  • Hi randylhuber,
    This is my first design for your company. A modification of letter e that look like an arrow cycle.

    What do you think about it? #29
  • please feedback me #28
  • feedback me #27
  • feedback me #26