Estonian Chiropractic Association

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Winning design #25 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Estonian Chiropractic Association Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

Estonian Chiropractic Association is national, voluntary association representing Estonia’s licensed doctors of chiropractic. The goal of the Association is to unite and regulate the new field of healthcare in Estonia. Logo should express words such as chiropractic, international, wellness, health, timeless.

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  • Hi naveed, I like the design:) How about you will try to take hands away and make a shoulder line little longer? And how would it look in black and white? Thank you!
    • Hi thanks for your comments about my design, i modify the logo please have a look #26, also make your project blind some designers coping my concept this is the copy of my design #18. thanks

    • Yes, you are right! Thank you!

  • please share some feedback about my entry #10. thanks
  • Hi mustafa5252, I like the repeated pattern on the logo! Could you please remove a cross in the middle? And on the vertical ones, can you please make font similar? Thank you!
    • Yes i am modifying it as per your specifications. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  • I really like the pattern on this one!
    • Hi Contest Holder, Thanking you for appreciating my designs. Thank you !

  • Hi an other logo concept at your service sir please share some feedback #27. thanks i am available for modifications
  • Hi designers, I got an idea looking through the designs. Maybe you can use the letters more freely. The logos look like squares. Maybe you can try to make some 'free flowing' ones? Just a thought! Thank you for the beautiful designs!
  • Sorry, but too similar to entry #10
  • Hi mustafa5252, I like the logo, but still the inside is distracting me. And I did like the font on #5 and the layout overall.
  • Hello Kristi, About #43 This is my new free flowing pattern. Thank you once again for appreciating all my designs.
  • Hi naveed, Can you try this logo without a line in the middle?
    • Hi Kristi please have look of this design without line #48. thanks

  • Hi kristi, please be so kind and check my entry #45 I hope you will like it. best regards
  • Hi cyacool, can you try a font which is not that intensive!
  • Hi mustafa5252, Can you please try to make a font little smaller and maybe try a lighter font!
  • Thank you!
  • We like your new versions better #20 and #40!
  • We like your new versions better #20 and #40!
  • Similar to #19?
  • Thank you! Very interesting approach, but not what we are looking for!
  • Thank you, please see my message!
  • Thank you, please see my message!