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Winning design #21 by cahbagus, Logo Design for etripstyle Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cahbagus

Project description

  • "etripstyle" will be a social networking website for backpackers.
  • First letter "e" means "online", "explore", and "experience". 
  • Although we prefer the logo similar to"&" , we are open for any ldeas to combine  "e"or "E" with "x" to create a logo, or simply use "e". 
  • We hope the logo can fit well with the feeling of peace, vividness, and smile. 
  • We are open for any color ideas.
  • Please add a small "beta" around the name.

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  • Hope you will like it.Kindly feedback #172
  • About #163, @RUTANTO Thank you. It's a creative idea. What if you make the downside be round? I think this will make the inside looks like a luckyclover. Please try it if have time.
    • @donahue0722 ok ill try, thank you for feedback

  • Dear donahue0722,
    Look the design, its a unique and eye catching logo #152
  • About #141, @jeybme Thank you for providing different revisions and concepts. Among your designs, I like this one more due to the simplicity and special angles. My main concern is that since this will be a social website, I would like to pursue the feeling of harmony and vividness which may not be well presented in this case.
    • About #144, @donahue0722 Thank you for your feedback, I revised my Design, Hope you will like this #143

  • About #136, @jeybme Thank you for your entries. Your designs are good. However, since there is only one day left and there are many similar concepts now, I am looking for designs which are really unique and can catch my eyes immediately.
    • @donahue0722 thank you for your feedback ,Please check #137, #138

  • Please feedback about #136
  • how about this? i hope you like my design #122
  • please youre feedback. i hope you like my design
    • @mela Thank you for your revision. I think it is still too heavy. I would like to have logo which is simple, easy to recognize no matter on big or small screen, and have well balanced color.

  • please your comment about my design
    • @mela Thank you. The first impression is that this is a logo about f rather than e. Therefore, this may not fit well

  • Thank you for your feedback. I hope this is ok... #110
  • About #81, @mela Thank you for your multi-entries. It may be better if you use one line to create a simpler logo.
    • ok i will try

  • About #100, @Dayadrana Thank you for your multi-entries. Since there are too many similar concepts, it is difficult to feel the uniqueness unless you try different concepts. You may not need to create a logo similar to &. You can also try just focus on "e" to create. Thank you again.
  • About #87, @BecomeLegend Thank you for your entry and adding a beta as requested. I like the fluidness of this logo. My concern is the difficulty to relate & to E in this way.
    • About #87, @donahue0722 thankyou for feedback sir, i will repair about that.

  • this is my new entry, please check it#98
  • About #89, @NewDesigns Thank you for your multi-entries. Among them, I like this more. Could you please try to make the logo and the name be thicker. You can focus on using the black background.
  • Hello CH, can you feedback my design please? #87. thanks before.
  • 'eX' I make 'x' from tail of 'e' and orange arrow.
    the dot mean is explor, point, aim.
    sorry my english is bad, i hope you understand what i say.
    thnk's #67
    • @Belleq Thank you. The idea is good. if possible, could you please try below changes: 1. Font of "etripstyle" to be a little thicker 2. "etripstyle" to be in the same color, maybe lighter gray 3. Turn dark gray of the logo into lighter gray.

  • About #62, @Belleq Thank you for your entry. I think there are too many similar concepts now so its easy to feel the lack of uniqueness. I will appreciate if you can try different things. You don't need to just focus on "&". Any ideas about "e" are also welcome.
  • #57 check my entry please
    • @swethaparimi Thank you for your entry. It looks a little too heavy and not easy to relate to E.

  • About #15, @Vitrio Thank you for multi-entries. Among all of your entries, I like #15 most. As for #37, #35, #34,#33, #32, #31, my concern is the difficulty to relate the logo to E.
    • @donahue0722 hy, really apreciate your feedback. Please check my revision #47 upon entry #15. Thank you

    • @donahue0722 and please check #48 & #49. New design. Thank you