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Hi, I am very happy with the Logo and I am about to print it on a brochure this week

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Winning design #69 by rbobpdcruz, Logo Design for Eureka Personnel Logo Contest
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designed by rbobpdcruz

Project description

We are looking for a catchy logo that portrays our business as a proffessional and dynamic business and incorporates the pople we employ and the customers that we serve The logo wil go on websites, business cards and letterheads.

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  • Hey CH, I thought I'd try making the lowercase 'e' into a mining/hardhat. I would love some feedback, Thanks! ;)
  • #57 Hi there, I wanted to provide an easy to remember logo that is fun, timeless and well something you can't help but smile when you see. I admit, it does have kids like appeal, but the concept works and it works very well in a single color (I thought of making the hat yellow). It can be scaled down or blown up and the integrity of the logo will not suffer. The icon is very easy to remember, inviting and can hold up fine on it's own as well as the text, so that means people will be able to recognize Eureka by just seeing the icon. Anyway, I look forward to your feedback and I do wish you good fortune in your choice to come. Best regards, Hector
  • #56 sorry, apparently I suffer from dyslexia
  • Hey, I just submitted this other design, which is kind of the same as the other one, but with a gradient. Hope you like it!
  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only 1 is allowed.
  • Its against the rules to use a colored background unless CH requests.
  • Dear CH, I really appreciate your comments and I thank you for the ratings. Please expect a revision of this in more standout form and strong as you have requested. File to be post sooner.
  • Hi, I would like to see the emblemem on the end like #26. I would like the see the 2 men a different strong colour. This is one of my preferred at this stage.
  • This one bugged for some reason..
  • #31, #32, #33 I have submitted 3 concepts for your logo. #32 & #33 both contain a kangaroo to target the Austrailian Demographic. One kangaroo is wearing a hard hat as well to give more of the meaning you are looking to portray. Please let me know what you think. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!
  • the Logo/icon "e" is mean the person is wearing a safety helmet. hope you like it :)
  • The icon is the letter "e" divided into two areas to represent the two industries you service (Construction and mining). The top part represents the construction industry and the lower one in dark color for the mining industry. Please let me know if you have any changes. Best regards,
  • This is a variation of #24 using different colors. Thanks!
  • Dear contest holder, The theme here is "Going Forward" emphasized by the arrow that goes in the middle of the name of your company. This arrow also lies between two areas; the top part which represents the construction business and the lower one (which represents the Mining industry. This is a 2-color logo. Please let me know if you have any changes. Thank you!
  • Only one design per entry, plus, the use of background is forbiden. Please read the rules again.
  • The use of backgrounds is forbiden. Please read the rules again.
  • about #71 Dear 'Eureka' Now I try to produce another style of logo. The 'dynamics wheel' mean that EUREKA have many of 'active' employee for hire, and I put 'the miners hand tools' to show what kind of the project or job. Thanks,
  • Sir, here's the revision base on the instruction. Presence of light was also applied so you may see how it will come up if the logo aside for printing will also post on the website. Have a nice day!