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Winning design #368 by Moon17, Logo Design for Eurofulfill Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Moon17

Project description

Eurofulfill SA is a family owned company based in north east of France and very close to the german boarder. The company is celebrating 20 years this year and has recently operated a management change with the second generation (parents/children) taking over the leadership. 

Eurofulfill is specialized in logistic services (no transportation) with an expertise in fulfillment, kitting and other customized services. 

The company has a sustanaible growth since 15 years and is willing to strive growth in the next decades. Eurofulfill is aiming to be seen as a logistic services expert for the french/german markets with a high level of flexibility and professionalism. Today all customers are long term partners with a high level of satisfaction. 

You'll find our current logo as an attachment, as well as our current color. But we are fully open for new inputs as long as we keep blue as main color :)

Having a picto or symbol representing a box or the fact of boxing some items could be a direction to investigate.

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  • hope you like it #525
  • T-shirt layout for design #2 #520
  • T-shirt layout for design #1 #519
  • Colour variation #518
  • Box + hands + letter E :) The hands also form a body language power pose, & look a bit like a handle with care logo. #517
  • Hi. Eurofulfill is misspelt. It is EUROFULFILL :) #192
    • @Eurofulfill I apologize for the wrong name of the company, please check the design improvement #449 #450 #452#524 #500 #499 #458 #453 , thanks, best regards ...

  • Design improvement #191, thanks ... #454
  • Hello..
    Im so sorry..about my write name of company.
    Its my false.
    Thank you for your correction.
    Once again im so sorry.
    Its my revision.
    I hope you like our concept.
    Thank you very much.
  • This is my design for your business, please look and criticize
    Thank you #426
  • This is my design for your business, please look and criticize
    Thank you #425
  • Hi. Could you try this logo in blue, which is our colour ? #109
    • @Eurofulfill Update @415 , @416 please check. thankyou

  • Hi. Our company name is Eurofulfill :) #410
  • hy sir can you check my designs and sent me feedback about me designs.thanks #174
  • please check #366
  • Eurofulfill, E in a box.. #357
  • 1. EUROFULFILL #353
  • Have added some movement to the monogram. Hope you like it! #345
  • In this version i have changed the text and added the slogan. Hope you like it! Please do drop in some feedback for improvement. Thank you! #343