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Winning design #20 by jimalalud, Logo Design for Everything Matters Distributing Contest
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designed by jimalalud

Project description

Project description Logo Design -- universal appeal... customer base will be wholesalers in weight loss, diabetic, and all-natural food that are buying for health food stores (both online and brick n mortar), pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and websites. Open to word mark or pictorial. Open to all colors, but must incorporate green ... we are re-designing the website now. Words to associate…wholesome, simple (but integrated), fresh, we don’t want to look medical. While we want green included for the healthy, natural, theme, we are not restricting to green as the only or even main color. We would like to see a variety and some designs that incorporate all colors to see if it works, i.e., everything...maybe include all colors in some continuum way?, but may not work at all. Everything Matters Distributing In health we believe that everything does matter and all things have an effect on all other things, so both details and overall ‘picture’ are important and to be taken into consideration at all times. We look to do our best in any part we are involved in and each product we offer within each context. We persevere in finding better answers and alternatives for little pieces to make a better big picture. We make and gather products that enhance lives. We want to be part of communities that change the world. Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide extremely effective information and products to our customers with the goal of helping them achieve improved health and/or permanent weight loss, in particular, for those who have given up hope or those who don’t have the time, money, or expertise to figure out how to achieve a healthier life on their own. We live in a hurried, artificial world, but we expect to help others by researching, testing, reviewing and providing superior products and information in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, fun, way. Basically, we taste and test so you don’t have to! Someone once said “How you do anything is how you do everything”. Accordingly, we believe in our name and we live by our name because… Everything Matters. Our Vision Statement: Through our passionate, expansive experience, we expect to bring the information, tools, and products that have been found to net successful results, superior taste, and improved health qualities at the best prices available to help those striving for a healthier lifestyle and a higher quality of life. We have discovered that there are great-tasting, healthy foods for all weights and all walks of life. We look forward to sharing these with our customers in anticipation of awesome results! Our Value Statement: As a company, we are committed to the following guiding principles: We value integrity, a firm adherence to a code of especially moral and ethical principles. We value effectiveness, as we want to only be involved with products and systems that work and offer successful results. We value enthusiasm, a strong excitement or feeling of active interest in something that we believe in! We value perseverance, a continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition! We value continual improvement to increase efficiency, creativity, flexibility, knowledge, and customer satisfaction. Finally, rather than team work, we value team play, a committed involvement in our business that challenges the team and individuals, but in an environment that is actually fun, motivating and rewarding. In summary, we are committed to our customers and partners, and we have a passion for helping others improve their health through quality food, information, and research.

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  • hello dear CH. The mark on my entry represents the letters EMD made of leafs #41
  • This is a different style on the same fonts. Hope you like it! #37
  • loose the girl
    • do i need to shrink the girl, in order to be considered you ??

    • either move the words or something else in place of the girl...don't want to have a girl as part of the logo

  • Hi, Please let me know what you think of entry #7. Let me know if there are any changes you would like to see. Thank You!
  • Please try incorporating a multitude of colors...fresh, natural, a continuum, etc
  • instead of a square/diamond background, please try it with a stevia leaf
  • Hello Please let me know if my design needs any changes ( it is #10 ) thanks!
  • The continuuum of colors in the logo make the EMD letters indistinguishable...please try different variations with color/style to make the three letters distinguishable either connected or not potentially.
  • nice design, but don't like how 'Matters' get's such unbalanced attention...the focal word in my mind would be 'Everything' as in every little and big thing matters...maybe adjust focus somehow or balance the focus
    • Thanks for you comment, I will try to make word 'everything' more focus and I will post it soon as possible. my best

  • I don't like how it looks like a candle