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Winning design #462 by GAKA, Logo Design for Evolution Tennis Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

Tennis company aimed at the higher end.

Company logo:
-Circular/ badge shaped design with "Evolution Tennis" included
-Slogan "Learn. Play. Achieve." (only if applicable in your design)
-No scientific evolution in design. 

I currently vision "Evolution Tennis" and "Learn. Play. Achieve" as the parameters of the logo with a figure hitting a tennis ball in the middle but I'm unsure and open to new ideas! So please go ahead and use your imagination. Good luck!

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  • Evolution Tennis #575
  • Evolution Tennis #565
  • HI, here is your logo design which is fullfill all requirements.

    if you want any cahnges let me know okay

    Thanks Have a good day #560
  • Logo 6 #558
  • Logo 5 #557
  • Logo 4 #556
  • @sabianlatore ! Hope you like t-shirt and cap preview please let me know if you need any changes in the design. Thanks #553
  • Hello sir, I have made this design, I hope you like it :) #536

  • please check the logo design #373 ....I'm waiting for your feedback. thankYou #535
  • logo for evolution tennis #534
  • logo for evolution tennis #533
  • sorry there was an error in writing the logo.
    I have fixed this design and hopefully you like this.
    thanks. #517
  • I hope you are happy with my design.
    thank you #515
  • #510
    Hello sir, what about this logo, Logo with a combination of dark blue and dark green.
  • #510
    Hello sir, what about this logo, Logo with a combination of dark blue and dark green.
  • Amazing Modern Design! All the versions are Deliverable.
    100% Transparent (Vector), HD Quality! So You can put it on any background You wish!
  • Flat Versions with variations #500
  • Variation. I have kept all the versions separate(Modified & Previous). #498
  • @sabianlatore, Modified Version. Keywords: Sports Fonts, Realistic Tennis ball appearance, Geometric, Modern, Luxurious... #497
  • Good work, love the design. Can you bring the ball lower so its not on the edge or edit the size and tilt the ball. I just need to see a few more different adjustments on the ball as something seems missing. #275
    • @sabianlatore Dear Sir, Thanks for Your feedback. Ok I am working on it>>>